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Paul and Kathleen


Paul and Kathleen
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Thank you for reading our family profile to learn about us and our family. We can only begin to imagine how difficult this time must be for you. We admire your strength, courage, selflessness, and love for choosing adoption. We hope by sharing a glimpse of our lives with you and showing you the love and happiness we share with each other, we hope to make your decision a little bit easier. Thank you for considering us to love, cherish and guide your precious baby through life.

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Who We Are

After meeting at a party with friends, we’ve been together for over sixteen years. We are each other’s best friend, as our love for each other continues to grow through our triumphs, sadness, laughs, and celebrations.

We have a very strong marriage based on mutual respect, trust and that we truly enjoy being together as a couple. We both work from home so are fortunate to see more of each other during the days while Vivian is at school. We enjoy lunch dates, riding our bikes together for an afternoon, or running to see a movie. Even when we are just meeting in the kitchen for our next cup of coffee, we are so happy we can see each other throughout the day.

Besides good communication, we believe in the importance of flexibility and the hard work that is needed to make a marriage successful. Our marriage is based on the firm belief that it is a lifelong partnership and commitment to each other and the family that we will be parenting and nurturing together.

Being parents and building our family is the most rewarding experience in our lives. We have so much to share and can promise you that a new baby will be a welcomed and much loved addition to our lives.

We are so very grateful to have our house filled with our daughter’s songs, laughter, energy, chatter and questions. We cannot wait to share that with another child. We also hope to have the opportunity for Vivian and another child to share the special bond that exists between siblings. To us, parenthood is a wonderful experience and we are so hopeful to love another child.

For both us, being with our family, all together, is always the most special part of the day. The mundane, every-day life is so exceptional even if it is simple. We are both fortunate to work out of our home, which gives us more time to spend all together, whether it is during the hectic mornings or the dinner-making evenings. Cherishing those moments together is so important to us.

Family is extremely important to us, and we all spend a huge amount of time together. Our family has always had dinner at the dining table together since we brought Vivian home from the hospital as a newborn. We refuse to give up that tradition, as we feel spending dinner time together at the end of the day is a priority for family. We share parenting and household responsibilities equally and one of us or both of us cooks at home each night, with Vivian as our little helper.

Adoption Diary

Park Time!

Warmer weather means enjoying our favorite park as a family! Paul and Vivian love to take our dog for long walks. Vivian can’t wait for the day when she can run and play with her new sibling though!

Spring means outdoor family time!

The days are getting warmer…which means lots of time outdoors to spend together as a family! We enjoy riding bikes, walking the local trails and just sitting on the porch reading or playing games. We look forward to continuing these things when we become a family of four!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Paul and Kathleen

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Paul and Kathleen