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Alana, Michael & Isaac


A Ballgame with Grandpa

It was a fun night at the ballpark with Alana’s dad,  “Grandpa Phil.”  We root, root, rooted for the home team,  and even got to see a home run.  One of the best parts of the night was when a fan a few rows away caught a foul ball and - rather than keep in - gave it to a little boy a few seats away.  Love seeing people doing nice things! Read more »

Our Weekend in Texas!

We just got back to NY after a weekend away in Texas celebrating Michael’s cousin’s new marriage.  It was the most unique wedding reception we’ve ever been to—a football tailgate!!  The bride’s college team was playing the groom’s college team!  It was an exciting game,  even if the bride Read more »

Family Selfie Silliness!

We wanted to take an ordinary family photo the other night, but it quickly erupted into giggles and efforts to give bunny ears and make silly faces.  Who knew that taking a family photo selfie could be so much fun! Read more »

Snack Bags for School

Each weekend we get ready for the start of the week by preparing Isaac’s snack bags for school. We enjoy decorating them with little messages. It makes us happy to think that during the day he has little reminders of how much we love him! We are looking forward to showering Isaac’s future brother or sister with love too, once we Read more »

Summer Vacation

There were many fun moments on our week away upstate with family and friends.  Here we are at the beginning of our hike along the Viking Obstacle Course.  We also got to enjoy painting ceramics, roasting marshmallows, and walks down by the lake.  We hope that next year there is another little one to join in on the summer fun! Read more »

Weekend Fun

It was a fun weekend packed with lots of exciting activities. It started with Isaac participating in his indoor tennis class, which is something he does with one of his good friends. Later in the day, Alana and Isaac attended a Jr. Chefs pasta-making class. Isaac loves to cook and this was a great opportunity for him to learn both some new Read more »

Celebrating Grandma Elyse’s Birthday!

This weekend, we celebrated Grandma Elyse’s birthday with homemade cake and cookies.  The creation of the cake was really a family effort!  Isaac came up with the idea for the cake’s appearance and chose the flavors for filling and frosting.  Alana worked with Isaac to bake the cake and made the buttercream frosting.  Read more »

Fun End to a Busy Weekend!

It was a fun end to a busy weekend, as Isaac won two prizes at Family Bingo Night at the local community center! Earlier in the weekend, he enjoyed a tennis class offered through the local town, as well as a soccer clinic at the school gymnasium. Add in lunch with family friends and a play date with a little girl from school, and it was one of Read more »

New Year’s Eve Family Game Night

We’re ringing in the new year with a family game night!  It’s fun watching Isaac’s game-playing skills improve!  And his impressive math skills are improving too, thanks to his job as score-keeper. We are excited to welcome 2016, and looking forward to the day when we have a fourth chair at the table for our Read more »

Meet Our New Pet Fish!

This weekend we were excited to welcome a new pet fish to our family!  Our son Isaac named him “Brownfins Glubglubglub.”  We enjoyed posing for a selfie with this new addition to our family. Read more »

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Alana, Michael & Isaac

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