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1/20/20 - Normal Day

Today was a very normal day for us, so I thought I’d share what a normal day looks like for us. Jimmy and I up at about 6, reading the Bible, jumping in the shower to get ready for work. Waking Julianne up at the last possible minute, 6:45, to get her dressed, teeth brushed and out the door by 7. Breakfast is usually on the go in the car, today a protein bar and milk. Sometimes prebaked breakfast casserole or sometimes frozen microwave waffles. I drop her off Mondays and Wednesdays at Lolo’s. Jimmy drops her off Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today was her first day back with Lolo after 8 weeks off since Lolo had her 7th child. Julianne has been with Lolo’s sister-in-law for the last 8 weeks who is a great back-up babysitter for us when Lolo is off. And since it’s MLK day, all 7 kids were off school, so she had a really special day. Really only half day because Jimmy got off early today at 12 and got to pick her up early. Came home and Julianne wanted to play a couple of her favorite games - doctor and chase/tickle monster. Then on Mondays, I serve as a co-leader for a single moms life group at our church. Mondays are Julianne’s night with daddy. They watched Annie tonight. I came home from church and Julianne was sound asleep. Jimmy and I talked as we cleaned up the house a bit and then headed to bed, where I’m typing this. Hope this helps give you a small glimpse into our lives during the work week.

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