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Our Story

We have been happily married for 16 years. When we began dating we realized that we had actually met years earlier! We’ve looked back through pictures and now can recognize each other in the same Scout group for preschoolers. We reconnected through our church youth groups in High School, attended the same college and fell in love!

We have fun challenging each other’s wit at a game of Scrabble or card games, like Rummy or Pinochle. We’ll play Ping Pong in our basement or head outside to enjoy riding our bicycles. Taking in a great movie or going to see live theater makes a great date night! In the good weather months, you will find us outside in our vegetable garden or adding new plants to the flower beds. We also enjoy cooking and baking – whether it’s something new or a traditional family recipe. Together we have a fantastic time entertaining our family and friends.

We're always thinking of where our next vacation might take us! Spending time in Canada with Steve’s family at the beach every summer is something we all look forward to. Traveling with Megan’s family to Disney World and Myrtle Beach has created amazing memories we won’t soon forget. Together we’ve visited many cities. We look forward to sharing our favorite places with our kids, and exploring some new spots together as a family!

Our Adopted Sons, Aiden & Jackson
We were blessed in August 2010 to have been chosen as adoptive parents by Aiden’s biological mom. Every day we see how lucky we are to be Aiden’s parents. He’s a happy boy who loves to laugh and smile. Aiden is a GREAT big brother! He is gentle and sweet and loves cuddling with Jack. Aiden is a really great helper too!
We were blessed again in March 2013 to have been chosen as an adoptive family by Jackson's biological mom. He is such a bubbly little guy! His smiles light up any room he's in. You can see how happy he is when he plays with and learns from his big brother. We know Jackson will make a GREAT big brother, too!
Growing up healthy and strong, surrounded by love and family, and being able to experience all that life has to offer are our wishes for all our children.

Each adoption is different and the goal should be to find a comfortable situation. We have semi-open adoptions with both boys biological moms. What does that mean? It leaves her room to become the young woman she wants to be, and it has made our dream of being a family come true. Our lives are positively connected! We have relied on them to guide us as to how much contact is comfortable. And whenever we tell Aiden or Jackson's Adoption Story, it is clear how much their biological moms love and are concerned for them!

Our Family Traditions
We value carrying on our family’s traditions, as well as beginning new ones of our own. Our favorite holiday is Christmas! As a child, Megan always looked forward to cookie baking with her mother and grandmother. We still gather every year to bake our Christmas cookies together, usually at our house. Steve likes helping in the kitchen and taking pictures of the boys and their cousins as they cover themselves in flour! Christmas Eve is spent with Steve’s family. Christmas morning, after seeing what Santa has brought for us at home, we have brunch with Megan’s parents, sister, brother-in-law and their daughters.

We feel lucky to share time with both of our families on holidays. Having most of our family close by is such a blessing! Steve’s parents host Thanksgiving with all of his aunts, uncles, and cousins early in the day. Megan’s family party is usually closer to dinner time, so we have plenty of time to travel and see both families. The same can be said for Easter – we see Steve’s family for brunch and Megan’s for dinner.

In season, we like to pick fresh berries. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries can be made into the sweetest jams! In the fall, we like to go apple picking. We easily pick a bushel of apples which we bring home to make into fresh pies. We also make apple sauce and apple butter. Making and canning tomato sauce is another of our favorite fall activities. What a treat to have homemade goodies ready to be eaten later in the season!

Our Faith
Our Roman Catholic faith is important to both of us. We regularly attend Mass together as a family, and have been known to serve as needed during the Mass.

We have friends of all different faiths and we have benefited from learning more about the similarities and differences in traditions and cultures. It is important to us to have a strong connection to faith through shared values and morals, and not judge others who have differing beliefs.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our house is on a quiet, family-filled street in an active village community.
We've made many updates to it even though we only moved in last year! We enjoy renovating each room and letting our personalities show in the work. The boys have helped us pick colors and paint too!
Our home is just a few minutes from the library and we can bike to the elementary school in nice weather. We have a big yard and enjoy having our family and friends over for a cookout and bonfire, or playing games like kickball or frisbee. Spring means it's time to get our hands back in the dirt! We enjoy landscaping the yard and tasting and sharing the harvest of fresh veggies out of the garden!!

About Steve's Thoughts Of Megan

I love my wife. I know that seems quite easy to say, but being married to Megan makes it possible. She has a warmth that spreads into any room that she walks into. People are very attracted to her love. She is able to quickly make everyone feel comfortable and make new friends. Seeing Megan with our sons is amazing! She is a great Mommy and loves taking the time to do things with him. I think Aiden and Jackson can really feel her love.

The little ones in our extended family love to see Megan, play with her and show her the new things they learned or have recently experienced. Megan’s loving ways always put me at ease, whether a quick email during the day, a silly text message, or a simple, “I love you,” Megan melts my heart. Her peace is the compliment in our marriage and the quality that has made her a great mother to our boys. I look forward to seeing our love grow by adding another child to our family.

About Megan's Thoughts Of Steve

Steve is a thoughtful man who is focused on his family. He’s loving, compassionate, and protective of those he holds dear. Steve has a great sense of humor and is often found humming or whistling a silly tune around the house. He is my best friend and such a great father to Aiden and Jackson! He is always willing to take time as Daddy and sing songs or read a book. I love watching Steve inspiring the boys to play and showing them something new. Being with our sons always makes Steve smile! My favorite thing is listening when Steve sings to them – they are instantly soothed by Steve’s deep voice!

Whether making s’mores outside, coloring with window markers, or snuggling and watching a movie, our nieces and God-children love spending time with Uncle Steve, too. I couldn’t ask for a better husband than Steve. He is always willing to lend a hand, show support, comfort or just listen. I'm so lucky to have the love of such an amazing man!

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Steve, Megan, Aiden & Jackson

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Steve, Megan, Aiden & Jackson