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Introducing The Adoptimist Professional Account

Every homestudy-approved family is welcome to join Adoptimist independently. But for adoption professionals who wish to include Adoptimist as part of their own services and outreach, we've built a powerful administrative account. It enables professionals to create, edit, and manage multiple family profiles, while maintaining greater control over site connections, activities & communications. Our Professional Account enables professionals to:

• Instantly benefit from our comprehensive outreach and connection network, saving you valuable time & resources
• Receive a professional multi-family discount of 15%
Create and manage multiple family profiles on the site
Receive & oversee all site communications on behalf of your families
Share a dual membership with your families so they can freely update and customize their profile content

It's easy & free to join and our plans are month-to-month. So you are never locked into annoying contracts. Add as many or as few families as you wish. Build our service into your own program or simply make it available to any of your interested families.

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How It Works

Sign Up to join and create your professional account. (It's free.)
• Login and begin to add your families to your account. You will receive 15% off our normal monthly fees.
• As the account holder, you will be able to add, edit, and remove your family profiles at any time.
• As the account holder, you will be able to receive & respond to all communications that your families receive on the website.
• You can add your staff members to help you create or edit the profiles. (Or ask us for a professional referral.)
• You can also add the family as an Account Editor so they can build & maintain a competitive profile on the site (Highly recommended).


• There is no fee to create and maintain an Adoptimist Professional Account. (No membership fee, no annual fee, etc.)
• You will be responsible only for the membership fees of each member / family profile that you bring to the site.
• As a Professional Account holder you will receive 15% off our normal monthly fees, for the life of your membership. This applies to every family profile you open in your account.
• Your final monthly cost per family is: Premium: $127.50, Featured: $42.50.
• There are no minimum-stay requirements and no hidden fees.


All families are required to have a current and valid home study in order to appear on our website. Upon adding a family profile to the website, you will be asked to upload signed documentation affirming the family's home study status. Please review our homestudy submission requirements for further details.

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