Home Study Submission Requirements

Adoptimist requires that all our families submit proof of a current and valid home study in order to open a profile on our site. All files received will be privately stored with you profile. Your submission will not be shared with anyone. Nor will it be available on our public website.

Submission Instructions

You may submit:
• A signed letter from a social worker, attorney, or agency stating that your family has successfully completed the home study. (Preferred Method)
• A copy of your home study - first and last pages w/ signatures recommended

Additional Requirements

If possible, please do not send us your entire home study.
Your document must be signed and on appropriate letterhead in order to be accepted.
Your home study must be current and valid. Any information you submit is for our records only and will not ever be shared publicly.

Ways To Submit Your Home Study

Login and submit your PDF or digital file. (Preferred method.)

If you have trouble submitting your file, please email us at info@adoptimist.com.

Reviewing Your Submission

We will review and approve submissions in the order they are received. This may take up to 48 hrs (or longer on weekends). If your submission is rejected, we will notify you via email.


If you have any questions about this process, please email us at info@adoptimist.com or call us toll-free at 1-877-292-9235.