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Thank you for your interest in our Professional services. We're happy to help. For general queries, please fill out the brief from below. You may also email or call us anytime at 877-292-9235. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your service cost?
Our Professional Account is free. We offer two paid plans for adoptive parents: Featured ($50 monthly) and Premium ($150 monthly). Please note that Professional Account members receive 15% off these monthly fees.

Can I get a discount code?
Yes. We offer a 20% discount code to adoption professionals. You can freely distribute it to your families. It applies to the first month of membership only.

Do you offer brochures or postcards?
Yes. Just contact us and we can send postcards for your families or special event.

What is your success rate?
Adoptimist is an open meeting platform. Consequently, we don't hear about many of our successful connections. And a lot depends upon which plan a family chooses and what they do while they are active members. But we do still have lots of success stories.

What are you doing about adoption scammers?
We offer an adoptive parent message board (which Professional members are free to access). We have also launched a Scam & Safety page to keep families informed and protected. Additionally, we have created an adoption scam blog which covers topics like red flags and emotional scammers.

Is your site too big to be effective?
No. A portion of every member's monthly fees goes back into our outreach budget. So our site is never too big because our outreach grows right along with it. In the past, our membership numbers exceeded 1000 families. These days, we usually carry between 200 - 300 members.

What separates Adoptimist from other connect services?
We have invested heavily in building a diverse and comprehensive connect network. Other services may make similar claims but ony Adoptimist actively advertises its families on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. And unlike with other services, the parent profile is only the starting point. Adoptimist profiles don't sit around waiting to be seen. We actively promote them through paid advertising every single day. Learn more about our unrivaled outreach.