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Ready for Spring

We’re so excited for the nice weather and the opportunity to enjoy some outdoor activities in the coming weeks. Pearl is excited for more field training, pup cups and walks!  We wish you a happy Spring time as well and hope it brings good things your way Read more »

Happy 1st heavenly birthday

Today would have been my grandma’s 87th birthday,  she passed somewhat unexpectedly last May. She was so excited for us to be parents and would have loved another great grand child. Visits from family made her light up with happiness.  I wish she would of been able to meet our future child but we’ll Read more »

Snow Day

I was hoping we may avoid a large snowfall this year, but since we got it, i’m glad our nephew got to have some fun in it! Read more »

More holiday fun

We hope you’ve been able to enjoy the holiday season this year. We’ve been having a lot of fun this past week at work with end of year parties. Our department decided to do a breakfast this year. While we were enjoying the food, we voted for the best ugly Christmas sweater ( I got one vote!). We also gave presents Read more »

Getting festive

We started a new tradition at work last year , we put together a fun activity once a week in the month of December to help our staff get ready for the holidays and show our appreciation. This past week we had a gingerbread man decorating station complete with glitter, pom poms and ribbons. At the end of the week we strung Read more »

You Don’t See that Everyday

I crossed paths with an unusual bunch today; wild turkeys are fairly common further East on the island but this is the first time I’ve ever seen them by us! I guess they figured it was safe to come out now that thanksgiving is over Read more »

Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

November is always a busy month for us with three birthdays, two of which fall within days of Thanksgiving. We celebrated all three events this past weekend at my parents with my sister and her family. We’re not ones to brave the stores on black Friday so instead we took it easy and relaxed…or at least that was Read more »

Liam’s 7th!

My sister’s youngest turned 7 this week! He celebrated with his friends at one of his favorite restaurants where they got to make their own pizzas.  Yesterday we had a small family celebration with Italian food and icecream cake. We have a lot of November birthdays in our family, can’t wait to see if Read more »


Happy Halloween! Our niece and nephews picked out some awesome costumes this year! We had some fun at work as well,  I put together little treat pails for the staff and my crazy colleague decided to show up as a dinosaur today! We really can’t wait to dress up and go trick or treating with our kid someday, or in Read more »

Bday weekend part 2

We went to Matt’s best friend’s house Saturday evening for a Halloween party, it was a lot of fun! Everyone dressed up and we voted on the top two costumes. Sunday we went to my parents house and my sister and her kids came as well.  We celebrated with food and games, it was a great birthday all Read more »

Birthday Weekend

Matt and I celebrated my birthday this morning with brunch at one of my favorite restaurants,  Toast.  I’m a big breakfast fan and it’s always hard for me to choose sweet or savory.  I went for sweet with seasonal salted caramel apple French toast, delicious! Read more »


Nearly ten years between these two photos, time sure does fly! I’m so grateful for the relationship I have with my sister and how close we’ve become through the years.  She is going to be the “fun aunt” for sure, we can’t wait for her to love and spoil ( in a good way) our child Read more »

Rainy fall day

We had a very rainy and windy weekend but we still were able to enjoy some fall decorating! We finished the weekend off watching a scary movie. Check out our album to see the rest of the decorations, Happy fall! Read more »

A treat for pup

Matt and I have been having a lot of fun looking at all the fall and Halloween decorations while we’re out shopping. I couldn’t help treating the puppy to a spooky new toy, they were all so cute! Read more »

Fall feelings

Started the weekend a little early and had the chance to sit out in the yard with the pups enjoying the cooler weather. Fall is our favorite season and sitting outside in the cool breeze has got me ready for apple picking, cornmazes and pumpkins. My heart also feels a bit heavy at the same time though as we are both thinking Read more »

A beautiful wedding

This weekend we had the honor of attending the wedding of Matt’s boss, Heather. We were very happy to share in her joy as she is a very generous person and genuinely cares for her employees. She has been very supportive of our adoption efforts and always looks out for Matt’s best interests. We wish her and her new Read more »

Back to School 2023

The first week of September meant back to school for most kids across Long Island, including our nephews Parker and Liam. I still remember them both as babies, watching them grow has been such a fun and special experience. We hope to join the “first day” trend with our child someday (even if the trend has faded by Read more »

Montauk Vacation

Last week we were planning on going upstate with my family to celebrate my dad’s 60th bday earlier this year.  Unfortunately, my parents had to cancel it a few days prior due to unforseen complications. Matt and I were luckily still able to take a mini vacation thanks to his boss’s generous offer to lend us Read more »

One year of Duolingo!

Yo empezó a estudiar Español hace un año hoy. yo creo que aprendé mucho pero hay todavia mucho a aprender. yo espero que este me puede ayudar hablar con más gentes y a lo mejor con tú I started studying Spanish a year ago today! I think I learned alot but there is still a lot for me to learn. I hope this will help me Read more »

Parker’s Birthday

Our nephew Parker turned 11 this week, time is flying! He was such a cute little baby and before long he is going to be taller than me (but I think Uncle Matt’s safe lol) we celebrated at my sister’s house with some food and cake. We’d be so overjoyed if we could celebrate his next birthday with our own Read more »

Family BBQ

We spent yesterday out in Glencove for a BBQ with Matt’s side of the family. His mom and sister, along with our niece and nephew, were also up from Virginia and able to join us for the occasion. We had a nice time catching up with family! Read more »

One year with Pearl

Today marks a year since we brought home our puppy Pearl! She’s grown so fast and may not look like a puppy anymore but she sure does have lots of puppy energy still! she’s brought so much joy to our lives and we really hope she’ll get the opportunity to grow up with our child one day. My first rottie Sasha Read more »

Nine Year Anniversary

Today is our 9 year wedding anniversary! We celebrated last night by going out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants down port. Tonight we ordered in and exchanged cards, Matt also bought me lovely flowers. We are both hopeful that next year we will be celebrating our ten year anniversary as a family of three Read more »

Special Appearance

We had a very special guest at work today!! June 30th is our fiscal year end at work so we’re starting to get very busy.  My colleague decided to help raise everyone’s spirit’s by prancing around the office in a unicorn suit. Read more »

Port Jefferson Weekend

We live about 10 minutes away from a popular tourist town on the water. There’s lots of cute shops, ice cream parlors and restaurants as well as a waterfront park with walking paths. I was able to enjoy walking through the town back to back days this past weekend ,first with a friend from church, then in a group Read more »

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent the weekend running a two day yard sale to help raise funds and awareness. We had distributed invitations to the sale along with our adoption cards to houses on our block and several of them came by to meet and support us. We got the opportunity to explain more about our journey and goals. We met alot of nice and Read more »

Spreading the Word!

We got a proof for our flyers today and I’m so happy with how they came out! Can’t wait to start hanging these on local community boards and business to help get us noticed! Read more »

Baby’s First Gift

One of my staff members retired yesterday and she surprised me with a beautiful card and giftcard to buy something for the baby when we are finally able to adopt. I was incredibly touched by her thoughtfulness and am so excited to pick a memorable gift for baby, one that may last them until they are old enough to hear of Read more »

Tulip Festival

Last weekend our pup had her first group training session and a photo session to boot! This is at Waterdrinker Farm in Manorville, one of our favorite outdoor spots to visit. Besdies the beautiful fields of tulips, they also have a little animal farm with sheep, goats, peacocks and more as well as a huge play zone for kids Read more »

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