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Although we grew up about five minutes away from each other, we didn’t meet until we were both in college. Exactly how we met depends on who you ask. I met Matt in the fall of 2009 through a mutual friend and we got on well right away. I quickly came to learn that Matt actually knew me as the “Wendy’s drive-thru girl” - turns out he was a regular at my high school job but was too shy to introduce himself. Now when we are asked how we met, we like to joke that “Matt used to eat a lot of Wendy’s.” We dated for a few years then got engaged on Easter Day 2013, married summer of 2014.

Matt and I will be married ten years this June. We’ve learned and grown a lot, both as individuals and as a couple, over our years together. We’ve seen what it means to be in a committed relationship - the importance of communication, patience, empathy and forgiveness. We believe these are all values that will better equip us to work through the challenges that come with raising a child and we hope to impart these values in them.

Our Home

We bought our house in January 2020 and have put a lot of effort over the last few years to really make it home. It's a three bedroom ranch right in the middle of a quiet street.

One of our favorite rooms is our cozy den that has a beautiful bay window on one end that displays our favorite photos, and a cushy built in reading nook under the opposite window that is perfect for reading stories or taking a nap in the sun.

Our other favorite room to hang out in is our finished basement. We have a comfy couch and large TV for watching movies or games and also a full sized table for game nights with our friends and family.

We also have a spacious yard that our three dogs love to run around in. We can't wait to see our child playing out back with the dogs or on a new swing set.


adoptive family photo - Matt Matt is a gentle person with an easy-going personality and a head full of trivia! One of our favorite pass-times is to ask each other ( or mostly me asking him) trivia questions about his two passions – sports and movies. Matt grew up watching and playing sports and I know he is looking forward to sharing this passion with our child. He can’t wait to teach them any sport or activity you can imagine in our spacious back yard and cheer them on should they choose to play on a team in school.
He also loves movies across the spectrum of genres and will watch his favorites over and over, so he is well prepared to watch the next big Disney/ Pixar hit on repeat (Looking at you Frozen!). Matt runs a movie themed podcast with a couple friends where they debate their favorites and come up with the (non-official) top five each session. He is excited to share his love and knowledge of movies with our child. We both look forward to watching all of his favorites together through the years and spending many happy hours discussing theories, alternative casting and, of course, a fresh top 5!


adoptive family photo - Traci Traci is a warm and kind person. She has a lot of empathy for people who are hurting or in need and is quick to help however she can. She loves nature and takes joy in walking through parks, villages, or our quiet neighborhood, especially with our dogs, Penny, Pie and Pearl. Traci is very intelligent and enjoys learning new things. Most recently she has been learning Spanish on Duolingo with the goal of becoming fluent. She has always loved reading, especially fiction. Harry Potter is one of her favorite series, one that she’s read through numerous times. After her most recent read through, she decided that she wants her next rereading to be with/to our child.
Traci has a close relationship with her family, especially her sister who lives close by and has little ones of her own. We love having our nephews over our house where we play sports in our backyard, go to the local park or playground, or stay indoors building Lego sets. Our nephew Parker is always asking for sleepovers. When it is time to go home, he will always ask, ‘when can I see you again Aunt Traci?’.

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Matt & Traci