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We would be honored to walk beside you on this journey

Dear Someone Special,
It's very nice to meet you! We are Stefanie & Jason from New York. We are here for you to help you get through this time. We understand that our situations are very different, however we share something in common....we both are in a situation that we wish we could change and we both want the absolute best for your baby.

We honor and respect your decisions, and hope to be the ones to help create a beautiful, safe and fun future for your child.

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile, please read on to learn more about us! Call or text us anytime, 516-493-8908. Expenses paid!
<3 Sending you much love & best wishes throughout your adoption plan.

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Who We Are

We met in April 2011 through an online dating website. On our very first date, we talked so much as if we were old friends catching up! We had a great night getting to know each other more and knew instantly we shared many of the same interests, qualities and family values.
Our relationship quickly grew as we shared more experiences together. We were engaged in June 2013 and married 5 months later in November 2013. Our wedding day was the best day of our lives to date. Check out our wedding recap video under the video tab. Its just a few minutes long.

Together we enjoy weekend trips, bike rides, concerts, going to the beach and spending time with our families. We both come from big families, Jason is the oldest of 4 siblings and Stefanie is the youngest of 5 siblings. Combined we have an incredible support system and are lucky enough to live minutes from our parents and siblings. This allows us to share holidays, get-togethers and surprise visits. We are very close to our siblings & we know both of our families will be absolutely THRILLED to finally see us as parents! Together, we have been chosen to be Godparents for many of our nieces, nephews, and our dear friend's kids. We feel so blessed and grateful for this opportunity to raise children in our warm, safe, loving home! So, we thank you in advance for changing our lives & making our dream come true.

Adoption Diary

A Happy Celebration June 2017

Yesterday (Sunday) was Stefanie’s brother’s birthday! We all gathered together at one of our favorite Italian Restaurants for dinner.  It was such a special celebration.  Stefanie’s brother, being the oldest of five, was like a father figure to the rest of the siblings when we were younger.

A little piece of history:  Stefanie’s oldest brother taught his siblings so much, especially how to be silly & try new things. As kids, Stefanie & her four siblings would set up a video camera in their family room & sing & dance to create “home movies”. Our oldest brother would help us set up the scene, our costumes, and give us our lines, we were like little actors!  We made memories that we still cherish today, 30 something years later. We are so grateful our father moved these videos from VHS tapes onto DVDS….now we can still watch them & share them with all the nieces & nephews in our family. We hope all the kids in our family will continue the tradition of making “Home Movies” for years to come.

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Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Wow!  This was a busy one!  Jason and I enjoyed a long weekend off together. On Saturday, we were able to get our backyard ready for summer, Jason cleaned off our patio table, umbrella & chairs while I put out the garden decorations, hung up a new wind chime and planted some flowers.
On Sunday afternoon, we went to our friend’s house for their daughter’s 1st Birthday Party. Their yard was filled with family, friends, kids on the swing set, balloons and music! It was a good old fashioned birthday party, exactly what we wish to have for our child one day. 
Later that evening we went to my brother’s house one town over for a family barbecue. It was a nice night to be outside sitting around the fire pit with our cousins. Overall it was a great weekend, and we were happy to share it with those we love most. Looking forward to the summer =)

(This picture is Stefanie with her sister Michele, and her two daughters Michaela & Lindsey)

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Stefanie & Jason

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