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Our Story:

Sean and I actually met in 4th grade! We went all through high school together and remember being in a couple of the same classes but that’s about it. After college, we were both new teachers in the district we attended, and our paths crossed while I was coaching volleyball. The connection was instant and we were married the following year. We have a strong relationship built on love, trust, laughter, and faith in God. These qualities truly pulled us through difficult days we faced as a couple and a family. Long story short….. after a very normal pregnancy, our first born son Daniel, was born with a genetic condition. Danny lived for 5 days before we said goodbye to him. Through our faith and the support of our amazing family and friends, we made it through this very difficult time of our lives. We went through a great deal of testing which all came back inconclusive. Our doctors concluded it was most likely a “fluke,” so with much courage and faith we tried again. We were over the moon with excitement to be blessed with our son Matthew! However, when Matthew was two years old, we endured another heartache when we found out during our pregnancy that it appeared our baby would be born with the same condition as Danny. We chose to continue our pregnancy and had our beautiful son Thomas with us for 3 days before we lost him. We hope anyone reading our story knows we are not looking for sympathy. Rather, we are choosing to share this story because it’s who we are as a family, and our losses, although very painful, showed us a great deal of love from our wonderful community and ultimately, led us to our amazing daughter, Emma. After we lost Tommy, it was clear that another pregnancy was far too risky. We began looking into the possibility of adopting. Emma’s story is just as miraculous as Matthew’s story, which we would gladly share if the opportunity arises. We were fortunate to meet Emma’s birth mom and grandparents. We have an open adoption plan with her and we hold her in the highest regard.
This brings us to today. Matthew and Emma are the center of our lives! Matthew is in 1st grade and Emma is in pre-school. We have always dreamed of having 3 children and we pray every night for our family to be completed through the blessing of adoption.

Carla: I am a 4th grade teacher and I just love my job. Working with young children is very rewarding to me. I enjoy playing volleyball, listening to music, and cooking. My family and friends are so important to me. We are very fortunate to have a close relationship with our parents, our siblings, and our nieces and nephews, most of whom live very close by.
Sean: Sean teaches High School Biology and he also is the Girl's JV Soccer, and the coach for Matt and Emma's kindercrosse (lacrosse) program Sean enjoys running, reading, playing the guitar, and he is an avid follower of all things sports related!
Matthew & Emma: Matthew is such a kind, smart, and fun-loving little boy! He loves music and is learning to play the piano. Emma has the most amazing personality and is full of spunk! She has brought so much laughter into our lives! Emma also loves music and loves to sing and dance. They both play lacrosse, love to be outside- running, biking, swimming, exploring nature trails, sledding, and simply playing. They get along very well and they would be the best big brother and sister.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a 2 story home in a neighborhood with many young families. We have a nice size backyard where our kids and dog love to play. We are fortunate to live and teach in a wonderful community with a well-respected school district. Our nursery and everything a baby needs are ready to be used one more time! We have a finished basement with a playroom, which the kids love to play in.

About Sean written by Carla

adoptive family photo - Sean written by Carla There really aren’t sufficient words to describe Sean as a father. He is just wonderful. He is loving, unbelievably patient, and so devoted to our children, as I know he will be to any child we are blessed to adopt. Matthew is in 1st grade and Emma is in pre-school. Sean is always making up fun games to play with them, reading to them, and teaching them so much. Sean and I believe that children benefit greatly from structure in their lives, which he exhibits every day. Our family is Sean’s number one priority and my husband is truly the best dad.

About Carla written by Sean:

adoptive family photo - Carla written by Sean: To be blunt and to the point, Carla was put on this earth to be a mother. Make no mistake; she is an amazing teacher who is adored by her students and parents alike. As a wife, there is no better. However, Carla excels at nothing better and loves nothing more than being a mom. I have been awestruck by Carla’s ability to parent. She is just as amazing teaching them patience and manners as she is teaching them numbers and letters. Although I have great confidence in my ability to parent, I have learned how to be a better parent by watching Carla. I could go on providing the wonderful details of Carla’s parenting abilities but I find it best to sum it up by saying that Carla’s greatest attribute as a parent is her immense love for our children. I would like to add one thing here that the reader might want to know. As we have mentioned, we had two sons with a rare and fatal genetic defect. It was a heart-wrenching experience to say the least. Carla delivered both sons by cesarean section; an aggressive surgery to say the least. Both times, Carla had to endure the pain and recovery of the surgery, the mental and emotional anguish knowing that our child was not going to survive, and the heartache of saying goodbye to our son. There are times in our lives when we are confronted with a situation that seems impossible to bear. My wife had to bear this cross not once, but twice. Both times she was right there with our sons when it was time to say goodbye. She was there holding them. Cuddling with them. Comforting them. She did not “summon up her strength” or “rise to the occasion.” She simply did what any good mother would do. She was there as their mother, a mother who loves her children, to provide the comfort and love that they needed as they took their final breaths. As much as I love watching my wife play with, sing to, and teach Matthew and Emma, I will always know that my wife is a wonderful parent based on what I have seen with all of our children. She is a strong and wonderful woman. I know that she will continue to offer the same love and care for any child we are lucky enough to adopt.

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Sean, Carla, Matthew, & Emma

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Sean, Carla, Matthew, & Emma