Our baby, adopted through Adoptimist.
“Matt and I decided to go with Adoptimist because of the simplicity of creating a profile. It was easy to post & get informative profile statistics. And we weren't locked into a contract!”
Matt & Rachel, Connected on Adoptimist
Cassie and Brad and baby, connected by Adoptimist
“We were excited to discover how user-friendly Adoptimist was. We quickly realized that the more we posted, the more hits we received, leading eventually to birthmother emails and phone calls.”
Cassie & Brad, Connected on Adoptimist
Jared and Katie with adopted child met thru Adoptimist
“The site is so easy to use & we could communicate directly with expectant parents! When we started trying to adopt again, there wasn’t a question in our minds that we would be using Adoptimist!”
Jared & Katie, Connected on Adoptimist

Adoption Advertising: Maximum Marketing & Outreach For Adoptive Parents

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For Families Formerly With The Independent Adoption Center: Continue Your Adoption Journey With Adoptimist

Welcome To Adoptimist. As a long-time partner & friend of the IAC, Adoptimist is here to help you continue your adoption journey. We applaud you for your tenacity, dedication, and commitment to family. You've been through a lot. But your family is welcome here. We invite you to explore our service & learn all about it. You may have questions and we're happy to answer them. Unlike the IAC, we are not an adoption agency or law firm. We are a connect platform that brings together birth parents & adoptive parents. That may sound different to you but we are confident there is no better way to continue your search than with Adoptimist.

Who Can Join Adoptimist? What Are Your Requirements?

If you possess a current and valid home study you can join our site. It is that simple.

Do You Still Offer An IAC Discount?

Yes. As long as you can provide some proof that you were working with the IAC, we're happy to pass along the discount to your family & all other IAC families.

What Is The Amount Of The Discount?

Contact us for more information & we'll tell you. It is significant, monthly, and perpetual, meaning it does not end. And we've recently increased the discount by 5%, in light of recent events.

We've Lost Money And Faith And Aren't Sure We Want To Commit To Any Other Services Right Now.

We understand. Please note that our service is monthly and there are absolutely no contracts or commitments. You are only responsible for the month for which you've paid. That makes us a low-risk, high-reward service, relatively speaking.

Can I Become A member Of Adoptimist While I Look To Join Another Agency?

Absolutely. But you don't necessarily need an agency to complete your adoption. If you connect on our site, you can work with an adoption agency and complete the adoption.

Where Do I Find A Good Adoption Attorney?

We're referring interested families to the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. Find an attorney in your area and start asking questions. Some attorneys will even perform a lot of the same work that your agency did - birth parent communication, vetting, etc. And if you aren't connected with an agency right now, having legal representation and administrative help will certainly come in handy during the remainder of your journey.

Is my home study still valid, post-IAC?

Yes, your home study is valid though you may want to consider consulting with an adoption attorney if you have such questions. Your IAC home study is certainly sufficient for joining our site. The key components of your home study are criminal and child abuse clearances (run through state registries by the IAC, which was in operation at the time) and endorsement of a social worker (who had a valid license at the time).

I Still Have A Lot Of Questions About Your Service.

We're happy to answer them. You can email or call us anytime at 877-292-9235. Definitely try clicking around the site too. There is a wealth of information available.

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