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The adoption Journey

“In the voyage of baby adoption, we traverse through valleys of sorrow, confront the shadows of deception, fraud and endure the relentless gusts of disappointment. But within each hopeful heart resides an unyielding strength, a force that defies despair. It’s this very force that turns shattered dreams into resilient visions and revives desires once thought unattainable. Ultimately, this journey, though strewn with challenges, culminates not just in the miracle of adoption but in the triumphant addition of a Read more »

Tulips, Nieces and Nephew sleep over

Today we had a busy fun day.  We went to a tulip festival and took some great pictures as we walked around looking at all the beautiful flowers.  We also got to pick up two of our nieces and one of our nephews for a sleepover.  We get to babysit them quite often, and when we do we like to spoil them.  We Read more »

Thinking about adoption!

Our hearts are overflowing with anticipation for this incredible adoption journey. We can’t wait to meet the extraordinary woman who will choose us as parents, the one who will add a layer of love and joy to our lives that’s hard to even imagine. We understand this is a challenging decision, and you have many Read more »

Eclipse 2024

This past Saturday we stopped at Lowes and bought some eclipse glasses so we could look at the eclipse today.  Julie had the fun idea to go buy some “eclipse donuts” as she called them to celebrate the eclipse.  She said, “when we do adopt, I am looking forward to doing fun things like this with Read more »

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Julie & Jeremy

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