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We met in high school through a mutual friend and the rest is history. We started officially dating within a week and have been together ever since. Got engaged in our 20’s. Now in our early early 30’s we were able to build our life together. Create our careers, purchase a home, collect our furry animals. We have been through thick and thin together. We enjoy our simple happy moments at night laying in bed after a yummy dinner to watch a movie. We love random small adventures on the weekend or to hang out in the yard with the chickens, garden, pool,… or take one of the dogs down on a walk to the beach! We love silly moments and to simply just enjoy life even if that means a stop for a smoothie on the way to Costco. We believe in making every moment a little special because every moment counts. We live for holidays and decorating!!! Family means so much to us and our child will be surrounded by love from family of all ages! Back to the holiday decorating… not to brag, but we are the go to house for all the kids on Halloween! Our animatronic collection grows every year! These moments are all just missing a child of our own to share with and expand our hobbies to bring joy and memories for our baby.

Our Home

Our home is a multi level private home in the suburbs located in a very safe beach neighborhood. There are many family oriented events in our community. We have a fully fenced in yard (and plan on getting a swing set(: ) We have options of a top tier public school and many excellent private schools, which will all be an option when the child is of age. We have wonderful neighbors who are like family. We are in walking distance from multiple beaches. We truly live in a wonderful community and are extremely lucky.

Dominique (Domi)

adoptive family photo - Dominique (Domi) My whole life I’ve wanted to be a mommy. I’ve been blessed to have extremely close relationships with my mom and grandma(s). I have worked with children for years and loved every second of it. I chose to recieve my degree and became a Veterinary Technician (Nurse). I will encourage my child to be who they truly are and always follow their passions. I love snuggles, love, and affection. My life has always led me to be around children and animals, which has always been my calling to be nurturing. I also am a child at heart and love fun, happy, and silly times. My heart is set on devoting my life to being the absolute best mother I can possibly be. I want to spend every day supplying unconditional love, understanding, and everything my child could need. I grew up with a family devoted to Sunday dinners together and big holidays! I want my future child to have the exact same wonderful memories to look back on. My life experiences have taught me flexibility and responsibility, which are both extremely important to be a parent. I feel I will make an amazing mom if you bless me with your child.

Christopher (Chris)

adoptive family photo - Christopher (Chris) Chris is a very hands on guy, he can figure out and fix just about anything. He will not leave anything for someone else to do, because he knows he can do it better himself. He is a very successful plumber and has a very secure job. He is also an outdoor guy who loves fishing and long walks. He can’t wait to have a child to share his love for the outdoors and the water with. He is very laid back, calm, and will be a wonderful dad. He can’t wait to be the fun dad and take his future child on all sorts of outdoor fun his dad took him and his siblings to go do. He grew up with his dad taking his brother, sister, and himself on all sorts of adventures to learn grow and expand their hobbies.

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Domi & Chris

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Domi & Chris