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Our Story

We have known each other for four decades and have built a strong and beautiful life together. We live in a home a short drive from New York City in a quiet tight knit community with great schools, beautiful parks, and wonderful neighbors.

As a family, we share a love of learning, adventure, travel, and time together.

We have traveled to many US states, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Canada, and Italy. We love watching professional sports and Broadway plays, enjoying a movie night, looking at the stars through the telescope in our back yard, and experiencing museums, concerts, and nature.

Whether it is at home or abroad, we love learning new things together.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a beautiful and quiet suburb of New York City, in a five bedroom, four bathroom home. Michael and Patrick each have their own bedroom, and our adopted child will have their own room as well, right next to his or her brothers' rooms. We have two acres of property that the kids can explore and play on, a play set to climb on, and lots of yard space that the children and our two dogs use to play. We are also a short walk away from an expansive park with playgrounds, ballfields, hiking trails, and a pond for fishing.


adoptive family photo - Liz (written by Marc)

Liz is the center of my life, and our family’s life. She is a great partner who puts others before herself, often putting the needs and wants of myself, Michael and Patrick ahead of her own. She finds time to make the boys’ favorite treats, takes them to sports practices and games, and organizes their activities, while also holding a full time job in communications.

She is beautiful, smart, and dependable. I love her more today than on the day we got married and I know she will be a wonderful mother to our adopted child.


adoptive family photo - Marc (written by Liz)

I have known Marc since we were in kindergarten together, but did not truly know him well until we started dating at the end of college. I can truly say that marrying Marc was the best decision I have ever made. Simply put, he is the best person I know. He is kind and incredibly generous with his time and his talent. Even after he works all day as an attorney, he still finds the time to give back to his community and to others in his roles as a volunteer firefighter and coach to our boys’ baseball team. In that role, I have seen a new side of what a wonderful father he is. He seems to have an unending well of patience, and knows how to encourage and motivate each member of the team to be their best selves. His commitment to fairness and giving every child an opportunity to grow, learn, and improve is inspiring.

Marc is also fun loving and adventurous and he spreads that spirit to those around him. He has run the New York City marathon twice for a charitable cause to help veterans and those wounded serving our country. As a family, he has gotten us to run Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving and even encouraged me to run my first ever 10k, running much slower than he normally would just so he could be by my side and cheer me on. He is the center of my life and of our family. I cannot imagine a better father for Michael and Patrick.

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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