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Biking by the lake

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is biking in local parks. We have so many beautiful spots close by. Can’t wait to share these times with a little one Read more »


We celebrates Deb’s sister’s wedding last night. Talked to lots of family about adoption and how we can’t wait to expand our family and be able to share good times with family and friends with a little one of our own. Read more »

Holiday weekend

Whether you celebrate Passover, Easter or another holiday we hope you had a great holiday weekend.  We can’t wait to share holidays with a little one.. We know they are out there and can’t wait to meet them Read more »

Great day

We like to get out in nature on the weekends. It was a beautiful day in NY and we went on an awesome 5 mile hike by the water. We can’t wait to share days like this with a little one! Read more »

Dreaming of our family

Dreaming of the beach and our future family!  We can’t wait to meet our little one! We know they are out there! If you are or know an expectant mama considering adoption please DM us or text or call us at 860-572-6174. We would love to chat with you. We are home study approved and certified. #adoptionjourney Read more »

Being silly on a walk

Having a little fun on our walk today…We tried to recreate the American Gothic painting by some historic buidlings. How did we do?! Can’t wait to have silly and fun adventures with a little one one day. If you are or know someone who is #expecting and considering an #adoptionplan please call or text us any time Read more »

New hike

Found a new spot to walk today. Saw some ruins and good to clear our heads before the week ahead Read more »

Long weekend

Took some much needed time off and had a long weekend. Had a great weekend hiking, spending time with family and going to see the latest Spiderman movie! Can’t wait to share these times with a little one! Read more »

Sunday hike

We love hiking local trails on the weekend. Today was a beautiful day. Can’t wait to share these days with a little one. Read more »

Beautiful weekend

Took advantage of some beautiful weather and walked down to one of the nearby waterfronts. It’s part of a great park packed with families enjoying #longislandny. Can’t wait to share days like these with a little one. If you are or know someone #expecting ans considering an adoption plan please text or call Read more »

Beautiful winter hike

We had some beautiful weather here in New York so took advantage and went for a local hike. One of the silver linings.of the pandemic was finding a ton of beautiful places to hike nearby. Hiking has been great for our physical and mental health. Read more »

Happy Science Fiction day

In honor of sciencefictionday we wanted to share two of our favorite scifi books. For Deb, it’s hunger games. For Steve it’s Star Wars. We can’t wait to share these stories with a little one. What is your favorite Sci fi franchise? Read more »

Happy New Year

We wish you all the best for 2022. We hope to connect in 2022 and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Read more »

Merry Christmas

We want to wish a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! We are Jewish but always get together and exchange presents on Christmas…and eat tons of food. We hope you are able to enjoy wherever you are. Read more »

Christmas Eve Eve

It’s Christmas eve eve and we went around looking at lights.  We love doing it. There is even a house that was on the show Christmas light fight right near us. It’s very cool and would love to share this tradition with a little one. Read more »

Engagement story

This day 9 years ago Steve popped the question and we got engaged! Since Deb doesn’t love a lot of attention and we like low key Chinese food takeout nights Steve ordered special fortune cookies to help him ask. It was definitely an amazing moment to remember. ❤ Read more »

Christmas lights

One of our traditions is driving around to look at all the light displays. We can’t wait to share this tradition with a son or daughter. One display had a great message. Believe. Read more »

The holidays

We started getting in the holiday spirit. Got our tree and started decorating today! Update. Tree is up. Enjoying some Christmas movies or show every night. Read more »


Excited that it’s Thanksgiving week. That means a short work week and time with family and friends. So happy to be able to meet in person this year and hopeful that we will be able to share thus special time with a little one next year. We wish you peace and happiness and hope you get to enjoy this time. Update. Had a Read more »

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