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Good ol’ Father Winter covered the Greater Seattle Area in snow this weekend.  The weather forecasts had been predicting it all week and our household was ready and excited! I love it when it snows.  The snow brings a quietness and a calmness that I find relaxing.  Marissa enjoys the snow too, but since she cannot work from home, she is irritated if snow makes her commute more difficult.  However, I think our dog loves the snow more than both of us combined. She enjoys running and playing in Read more »

Telling My Folks

Here is a story from 2018!  We had finished most of the requirements for our I initial home study and needed personal letters of recommendation.  The time had come to tell my folks. Pre-pandemic, I saw my parents most weekdays on my way to and from work.  Being the gracious people that they are, my parents Read more »

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Eric and Marissa

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Eric and Marissa