Private Adoptions in the United States

38% of all adoptions in the United States are private. And with the recent Russian adoption ban, this only figures to climb.

At the time of this study (2007), 33% of private adoptions met or exceeded $10,000 in total expenses. And while that number has surely risen, the advent of the internet age is bringing forth significant changes in the way adoptive families navigate through their adoption journeys.

It's no surprise that the open adoption movement continues to grow as well, perhaps aided in part by the internet and its unprecedented ability to connect people through social networks, video chats, and email.

Included also are some interesting statistics about ethnicity and trans-racial adoptions, as we look forward to future studies that continue to reflect the diversity of today's adoptive families. And in particular the affect of the internet and social media upon all aspects of private adoption.

Private Adoption statistics in the United States

Statistics from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Adoption USA

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