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James had recently moved from Alaska to Denver in late 2016 and Laurence had been living in the Denver metro area for most of his life. Our first date was supposed to be at Beatrice and Woodsley, but upon arrival, James did not have a reservation. So, Laurence took over the date
and we found another place for dinner, and then to Milk (a night club in Denver) while bonding over our shared interest in international travel, language, culture, adventure, politics, and animals. We dated for the next three months before making it official and in 2019, we decided to join households and get our first townhome together. In June of 2023, we bought our first home
together in the Berkley area and got married in October of 2023 in Westminster, Colorado.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our 4-bedroom, 3 bathroom, ranch style home is next to an elementary school with a
large, open field, many bike paths, two large lakes, parks, jungle gyms, a dog park, and the Westminster light rail station. Our corner lot features two front yards, a back yard, and oversized two-car garage, filled with sporting, outdoors, and camping equipment. Laurence brings organization and structure to the household, also doing the cooking, while James maintains the yard, keeps the home filled with living plants, and handles most of the cleaning. The home was fully renovated in 2020, each room furnished with a modern-rustic approach incorporating James’ Alaska heritage and passion for the outdoors, with Laurence’s eye for modern, minimalist design. Our open concept, high ceiling living areas feature contemporary finishes, and decorations from our worldly travels. The approximately 130 square-foot nursery will be just steps away from our bedroom, the master bathroom, and the kitchen. We have a three-year-old pet
Red Iguana, Apollo, who lives in a large terrarium just off the kitchen. Apollo loves to crawl out of his cage and bask in
the sunlight during the day, occasionally cuddling up with one of us when we are working in the living room.


adoptive family photo - James According to Laurence: James is pensive, kind, compassionate, athletic, and introverted. He
is one of the most thoughtful and caring people that I have ever met and his patience and
open-mindedness is unmatched. James is sensitive and deeply in touch with himself and the
feelings of others, which will make him an amazing father. James’ knowledge and passion for the
outdoors is unmatched and I cannot wait to see him guide our child though the wilderness and
everything that it has to offer.


adoptive family photo - Laurence According to James: Laurence
is driven by his goals, incredibly resourceful, and exceptionally intelligent. His ability to effectively balance caring for his loved ones and running a law firm showcases his efficient time management skills. He actively seeks to understand and appreciate individuals for who they are, constantly expanding his knowledge of different cultures in order to experience the world through multiple perspectives. His vibrant personality is always upbeat and full of energy, with an infectious smile and laughter that can illuminate any room he enters. During his free time, Laurence finds joy in traveling,
socializing, practicing yoga, and simply being with friends. He is at his happiest when surrounded by others and effortlessly blends in with any
crowd he encounters. I eagerly look forward to seeing him share these incredible qualities with our future child.

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James and Laurence

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James and Laurence