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Our commitment to you, and the child, if chosen.

We know that there is a lot to consider as you work towards making a decision for your child that you feel comfortable with. If you choose our family, here are a few things that we will commit to your child:
• They will get to know their family story, where they came from, and who their birth family is.
• We will do our best to provide a stable life filled with family and fun. We are a very close family, and they would be enveloped right into our lives.
• As we are a blended family of various cultural backgrounds, we recognize the importance of it and we will provide opportunities to learn about the cultural differences and similarities of peoples from around the world.
• They will be provided educational and extracurricular opportunities to best meet their needs and interests.
• They will always be loved and supported as they grow into whoever they are intended to be.
• They will be shown God’s love through both words and actions.
• That we will work together with you (and the child when they are old enough) to establish the level of openness that meets the needs of everyone involved. We want to encourage an open relationship in this adoption for as long as you desire it.
We believe that the child’s mother is as important as the child itself, and that bond which is created by God is one that should be honored. We are looking forward to continued adventures as we expand our family, and we thank you for spending this time with us!

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Hysun and Kimberly