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We met at a local show in 2017. One of Jeremy‘s friends literally pushed him into Tyler to start up a conversation and here we are seven years later! During our time together, we have found we are a nerdy, fun-loving, and connection oriented couple. We love getting together with family for any occasion. We also enjoy time with our friends for games (board or video), movie nights, dinner, or general events. Baking, time with our cats, and house projects are home activities we thoroughly enjoy as well.
One of our biggest passions is travel! During our time together, we have visited Mexico, the Caribbean, Virgin Islands, Texas, California, Oregon, Arizona, Iowa, Wisconsin, and (of course) Minnesota. Tyler has significantly more travel experience (both domestic and international), but we are both excited to see where else our family can explore. We also enjoy exploring new places locally and trying out our local small town restaurants.
We have always known we wanted to have children, but as a same-sex couple, our options were limited to adoption or surrogacy. We felt that there are so many children in the world who deserve loving homes. Because of that feeling, coupled with discussions with adoptees that we know and love, adoption felt like the clear path for us. Our family and friends are all supportive of our decision and are excited to have another member of the family!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live at the end of a nice quiet cul-de-sac in a small suburb town just outside of Rochester, Minnesota. This small city has excellent schools and many fantastic community opportunities! We love the Minnesota weather and opportunities it affords us, including dinner and fires on our deck/patio, summer tubing down a river with friends, winter sledding and making snowman with family, or taking advantage of the numerous walking/biking paths near us.


adoptive family photo - Jeremy Jeremy is a loyal, empathetic, and passionate individual. He loves entertaining nieces and nephews, is always eager to help family and friends, and loves animals. He grew up in a large and loving family (3 sisters) and enjoys seeing family whenever he can. Jeremy tends to be the homebody in the relationship but will always cave when Tyler wants to go out! Jeremy works in assurance for an international accounting firm. His favorite tradition is baking Christmas cookies, his favorite hobby is baking, his favorite book is currently “Heartstopper” by Alice Osman, and his favorite food is always going to be keylime cheesecake! Jeremy enjoys spending time with friends as well. They can be found having movies nights, going to painting classes, wineries/breweries, or coffee hangouts. Jeremy’s biggest passion is his family. He loves spending time with nieces and nephews. He also enjoys buying all of the fun loud toys that kids love (which annoy their parents, added bonus)!
From Jeremy: I have always wanted to be a dad and to know the joy that raising a child can bring. When I was growing up, being gay, I always assumed I wouldn’t get that chance. But now I'm living my best life with an amazing man and on this adoption journey with him. I can’t imagine a better partner in crime than Tyler, and I hope our future child will know how much they are loved and treasured.


adoptive family photo - Tyler Tyler is essentially a big kid at heart. He loves playing with nieces and nephews, story-time with kids (with silly voices of course), and sees the good in everyone. He grew up in a large and loving family (3 sisters) and they maintain constant contact. He enjoys seeing his family as often as he can and travels to TX to see his sister who lives there at least twice a year. Tyler previously worked for a library system but recently received another degree in IT and is working as a Database Developer. His favorite tradition is putting up Christmas lights, his favorite hobby is playing complex board games, his favorite book is Boy Meets Boy by David Leviathan, and his favorite cookie is fig newtons. Tyler also enjoys performing in local community theater. He has been in numerous plays and is definitely the more artistic one. He even proposed to Jeremy in the middle of a local play! He is also known as the “hub” in our circle of friends, because he enjoys bringing people together. Tyler is also an avid runner. He has run several races in the past, including the Ragnar Relay and Mini-Donut Half marathon. He is eager to share his passion and focus with our future child.
From Tyler: Children have always been one of the great joys of my life. Until I met Jeremy, I thought it was going to be only as an uncle. Now I can’t imagine a more supporting and adept partner in exploring the adoption process for a child to raise together. We’d love to show a child the support and encouragement to succeed in their life.

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Jeremy & Tyler

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