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Thank you for considering me to be an adoptive parent to your child. Life is full of the unexpected, and at some point I thought I would find a life partner and start a family, but as it turns out the universe has other plans for me and I am excited about becoming a mom through adoption. Adoption has always been part of my life, my family and friends are very comfortable with adoption, and think it is a beautiful way to build a family. I have always dreamed of being a mother and feel I have a very full and rewarding life that I would be grateful to share with your child. If you decide to choose me to raise your child, I promise to love, protect, and cherish him or her with all my heart

My Home

I have lived in my apartment building for over ten years in New York City. It is sunny and filled with lots of photos of family, friends and travel adventures. My neighborhood is safe and I live close to several close friends. My apartment is close to lots of parks, playgrounds and other fun activities for children, which I have spent with my niece and nephew.


College and work friends are also a big part of my life and I consider them part of my extended family. Through that group I have many amazing parents who I know I can count on for great parenting advice and have gotten to know their children who will become part of this child life through playdates, annual get-togethers and holiday activities.
I plan to be a mom like my parents were to me. My parents recently celebrated their 52 wedding anniversary and throughout my life my parents have been supportive encouraging and always allowed us to explore interests and passions. Throughout my childhood my parents encouraged us to be ourselves and explore lots of different interests and sports as well as education and careers. My parents have been very active with nieces and nephew, taking them to playgrounds, Lego stores, and continue to plan annual summer beach vacations.

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