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Cake and Sushi

I (Elite) recently celebrated a birthday.  Birthdays are always special and doing something fun to remember them is just what we love to do.  This year, as we were both about to travel and embark on Mom Tour 2022 birthday was a bit low key. Richs mom lives in Florida, and my mom is in LA - so we both took a few days to visit them and get some sun. So, back to the birthday…. instead of just the day, we made it a weekend filled with friends, food and fun! Its been a couple weeks… and we are still full Read more »

Its Snowing in New York!!

We had our first proper snow of the season! There’s something about that first snowfall that feels like everything is possible…the sun came out, the trees are sparkling. We’re feeling it this year! Hoping for a great 2022!! Read more »

Where has the Time Gone?

Its amazing how the year is just flying by.  A moment ago I was writing about how it is August and now here we are and it is almost December.  We took a trip us to the Finger Lakes to get out of the the City for a bit. It was an incredible experience - between blowing glass and taking walks around the lake - it was Read more »

Where has the summer gone?

I cant believe we are already in August.  It felt that for so long time was moving so slow, and now I am catching my breath from attempting to catch up! We have spent a lot of time outside walking, swimming and discovering new treasures that we never knew existed.  Its amazing how beautiful nature can be when you Read more »

Cotton Candy Skies

What a truly amazing 4th of July. We were plant sitting for our upstairs neighbor (she lives in the penthouse apt) and we got ready to celebrate the 4th of July while watching the fireworks on her terrace.  The funny thing is I was more excited about seeing the cotton candy skies before it got dark enough to launch the Read more »

Friends who are family…

The old saying that friends are like family is very true, because your closest friends are those that have been there for you through everything. When we moved into our new apt two years ago, we new we would meet new people, but did not think we would make life-long friends. We are fortunate to have a garden in our complex Read more »

Happy Birthday Rich!

A weekend filled with so much emotion! Rich celebrated his birthday with a network “shout out” in addition to family time. We are so lucky to have a close network of family, friends and neighbors who called, texted, sent videos and made it not only a day, but a weekend full of celebrations of life! Read more »

Lockdown Inspired Elite to Bake!

I didn’t think my way of cooking would change much during the lockdown. I thought I was already quite organized, with a well-stocked pantry, responsible in using my ingredients and leftovers and creative when it comes to improvising.  When it came to baking… there was so much I had to learn and the time I had at Read more »

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