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August 17, 2020

10 Tips for Using Social Media for Your Adoption

Using social media can be a great outlet to help in your adoption search. Creating a Facebook Page or Instagram profile can give a glimpse into your family, and show an expectant mother what your family is all about. Authentic human connections are the basis of social media. It makes networking easier, faster, and expands your reach 10x over.  While it can be a useful tool, many adoptive families ask “where do I start?” or “what am I doing wrong?”  Here are some helpful adoption tips that will help keep you on track to getting the most out of your social media usage.  

1. Be Authentic. Post about what makes your family unique, and what type of life you would provide for a child. 

2. Use appropriate terms. Don’t use offensive terms, and know the search terms. Adoption terms like “give up a baby” are outdated and can be offensive to people, but can get hits on SEO. Be respectful about what terms you use, and don’t be afraid to try new ones. Take some time to figure out what search terms you are comfortable using. 

3. Share your story. Don’t assume people know you are looking to adopt just because you post about it often. This may be the first post they’re seeing. Reiterate your goal and your “why” often. Put your family’s best foot forward. 

4. Always put a Call To Action. “Visit our profile” or “call me” or “share this with someone you may know who is considering adoption” and how to contact you. Reiterate your message “We want to adopt a baby, and here’s how you can contact us.” 

5. Update consistently and often. You don’t have to write a lot, just little glimpses into everyday life can be enough, and make sure you are consistent. If you are having trouble staying consistent, try posting at least 1/week. 

6. Use good photos. Not all your photos have to be professional, but they should at least be well lit and have a good focus. Get professional family photos when you can and sprinkle them in. 

7. Define your values. Post about what makes your family unique, special, why you want to have a child, why you would make great parents, what type of life you will provide. Define your values as a family and let those shine through. You don’t have to mention every value with every post, but choose one to focus on to keep your posts straightforward. 

8. Know your target audience. Try an empathy exercise, or do research into birth moms: what type of questions they ask, and things they may consider. Try to reach them on a personal level. 

9. Use all the tools available and best practices. Know the features that can get your posts seen by as many people as possible.  Use hashtags, geotags, ask your friends and family to share. Try a short video instead of always posting just pictures. If you’re posting to multiple platforms, use a free social posting scheduler to schedule a few posts in advance. 

10. Ask for help and for feedback. Know someone who takes good photos? Ask them to take some pictures for you, or offer some basic tips. Same with writing. Ask people to share your posts, ask for feedback, and keep updating your profile. 

Overall, using social media is a great tool to expand your adoption search. Don’t be afraid to keep pushing, learn, and try new tactics, or ask for help. Remember your “why” - fulfilling your dream of building your family

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