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September 19, 2014

6 Tips To Consider When Choosing Your Main Profile Photo

“Hi”, “Hello”, “Come on in!” That is what your main photo is.  It is like someone seeing you from across a room and taking a minute to decide things about you in their head before they ever speak to you. It may even decide IF they even talk to you. It is that handshake or pat on the shoulder as you greet someone for the first time. You are inviting expectant parents in to learn more about you, to get to know you better in your profile. Think about the first impression your picture makes. Is it welcoming and inviting?

Let ‘em see that face of yours!  Whatever flaws or insecurities you may have about your appearance, you are going to have to put them aside. Your main photo should be a head & shoulder / head & torso shot rather than a full body or one taken from long distance.  Expectant parents are “meeting you” for the first time and want to be able to look you in the eye.

More neutral backgrounds allow you to be seen.  If you use busy, busy backgrounds they will not only detract from you in the picture, they may also distract the person looking at the photo, leaving them wondering “Where are they?”, “What are they doing there?”, or “Why did they put such tiny candlesticks on such a big mantle?”  YOU should be the only story in your main photo.

Go get some fresh air.  The great outdoors not only gives you LOTS of choices for neutral backgrounds but also can give you a chance at the best light for your photo.  You do not want it to be so bright that you are squinting. And sunglasses are a big no-no. But some soft, subtle light outside can make the picture.

Don’t be so photo shopped that no one would recognize you in person.  At some point you may very well be meeting and hopefully beginning a relationship with a person who will first be looking at your main profile photo.  Don’t shave off so much of your body or alter your face to the point where no one would even know it was you upon a first real-life view.  It is like lying.  While this is not a dating site, you are still misrepresenting yourself and if you do that, expectant parents will wonder what else you are not being transparent about.

Be yourself. Even in your main photo, it is important you be you.  Don’t throw on an evening gown or tux for the occasion of your main photo picture session.  Just be you. This is the theme that will run throughout your entire profile.  You cannot and should not try to be someone else.  Even in your pictures, represent you. Your life.  Your self. And don’t forget to smile!

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