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October 3, 2014

20 Reasons You Should Change Your Profile Photos Right Now

It’s time to get real about your profile photos. Here are 20 good reasons you should consider changing yours today:

1) Blurry / out of focus

2) You aren’t smiling

3) You are frowning

4) Too dark outside / inside

5) Photo is seasonally inappropriate (winter shot in the middle of summer)

6) Eyes not visible - closed / covered by sunglasses

7) Doesn’t actually look like you

8) Over-exposed

9) Outdated photo from a previous decade

10) Not looking at the camera

11) Background is too busy

12) Bad scan / poor image quality

13) Too close up

14) Too far away

15) Too many shadows

16) Too formal (wedding shots, etc.)

17) Strange position or cropping

18) Squinting eyes

19) Stiff bodies and faces

20) Obvious “selfie arm” in the picture

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