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Adoptimist At The 2013 AAAA Conference

Thanks to everyone in attendance at the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys Conference in San Diego, CA.

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About Our Service

Adoptimist is a smart option for adoption attorneys and their families, offering unparalleled exposure and visibility. As experts in internet technologies and marketing, we help your families quickly build and market online profiles that will get them the exposure necessary to succeed in today's tech-driven environment.

Adoptimist works in tandem with adoption attorneys. So you never have to worry about keeping up with ever-changing technologies or advertising methods. And unlike many similar websites and services you may have already seen or heard about, we are not an agency, matchmaking service, law firm, or facilitator. And in no way are we trying to replace the invaluable work of trained and licensed adoption professionals.

What Makes Adoptimist Unique?

• The quality and depth of our family profiles
• The amount of traffic our families receive (through advertising and social media)
• Our rapidly growing expectant mother membership. (Our secure platform serves as a catalyst for private communications between adoptive parents and expectant mothers. This open system encourages faster and smoother connections for your families.)

You can rest assured that your clientele can take advantage of our service without any interference, unsolicited advice, or questionable practices on the part of Adoptimist.

A Worry-free Partnership

Adoptimist is solely a marketing and technology company. We work together with adoption professionals to get results for adoptive families. We are eager to establish a trusting and long-standing relationship with your practice.

Please note that:

• We are not a law firm. We are not an adoption agency.
• We are not facilitators and we do not ever act in that capacity.
• We are an adopt-connect technology company. And we have only one goal: connecting adoptive parents and expectant mothers.

You can always rest assured that your clientele can take advantage of our service without any interference, unsolicited advice, or questionable practices on the part of Adoptimist.

Our Service Plans

It's easy to get started. Adoptimist will work with any individual or family that is home-study certified. We offer three plans, each increasing in visibility and exposure. Families may move freely between the plans as their connection needs change.

Our most successful plan is called Premium. It costs $150 a month and offers families the fastest path to success. We encourage you to learn more about our three plans and their features. Learn More About Our Plans.

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