Adoption Advertising For Families

Join Adoptimist's Pay-per-click Advertising Campaign For Families

adoption advertising on the internet Bring additional traffic to your Adoptimist profile with pay-per-click internet advertising. For families looking to bring more visitors directly to their profiles, pay-per-click advertising is a solid and trusted option. The combination of Adoptimist Premium and pay-per-click advertising is the fastest way to connect for many families.

How It Works

• You must be a Premium member to join.
• Choose your advertising budget (increments of $150).
• Adoptimist will add your family to our Google family campaign and manage it for you.
• Your campaign will bring clicks / visitors directly to your Adoptimist profile for approximately one month until your budget is depleted (actual campaign length may vary).


All fees are in addition to your advertising budget & your monthly Premium fees.

• There is a one-time setup fee of $100.
• There is a monthly maintenance fee of $25 each time you renew your advertising plan.

Want to find out more? Email or call us at 877-292-9235 to get started. We'll answer all your questions and tell you exactly how pay-per-click advertising works and what it can do for your family.

Get Started...


Where do the ads run? On Google. When someone performs a relevant, adoption-related web search (e.g., 'family for my baby'), your ad may appear.

How are these ads different than the ones we're already running on Adoptimist? These are not banner ads. These are text ads. They appear at the top and in the right column of Google search result pages. You have seen and likely clicked on Google ads many times in the past.

Will my ad actually get clicked? Yes, it definitely will. Our PPC family campaign will bring interested visitors directly to your profile.

How can I be sure my site visitors won't leave my profile and look at other families? You can't be certain of this. However, we've added an additional contact screen for advertising families that will give your visitors another look at your family before they leave your profile.

How long will my advertising budget last? We'll try to evenly spread your clicks / spend over an entire month. But the actual length of your advertising may vary.

When does my campaign end? When there are no funds left in your advertising budget. At that point, we'll get in touch and ask if you'd like to renew your plan.

How can I learn more? Check out this link from Google for more information.