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Shawn (and Miles)


Shawn (and Miles)
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Hello from Shawn & Miles in Atlanta, GA

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Whether adoption ends up being part of your journey or not, I hope you find peace as you walk through this difficult time.

For their privacy I have not included any identifying pictures of Miles birth family in this profile. I am grateful they have asked me to be his mom, and also accepted us into their lives. We visit and talk with them regularly. But I do my best every day to make sure Miles knows how large his family truly is and how much they all love him. I also make sure he knows and is a part of his birth culture and not just his adopted one. Adoption is not easy. It is a complex mix of emotion and relationships.

I am open to many levels of contact, and happy to discuss what you imagine our relationship to look like.
Just as parents can love multiple kids, children have just as much capacity to love multiple sets of parents.

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Who I Am

I grew up in Iowa, and moved to Atlanta, GA in 2011. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but by 2012, Mr. Right hadn't shown up, so I decided to become a Single Mom by Choice (SMC) through adoption. Miles was born in 2015.
I have worked hard to build my village here among other SMC's. We get together often and support each other. My parents live in Florida and come visit many times a year. I also have a cousin and his family here in Atlanta.

Adoption Diary

Spring Hike

This Sunday warmed up and the rain held off - so we went and hiked Stone Mountain again. Everyone else had the same idea - but luckily there is enough room to move at your own pace. You know you need to up your game when your almost-4yr-old doesn’t want to stop and rest at the half way point anymore. :) He just wants to ‘get to the top ! ’ 
He is in a ‘no pictures’ phase at the moment. Or every picture is something goofy. There was no way he was letting me get a good one… so goofy it is.
All our previous hikes, he can make it to the top on his own-but I wear him in the carrier on my back on the way down b/c he is so tuckered out. But this time I tried to see if he could do any of the way down himself.. and he was able to do almost half of the way down! Then took an immediate nap in the car on the way home. Probably will still have to keep wearing him down the mountain for a little while longer. But he’s almost got it. Which is good because he’s growing up so fast, I don’t know how much longer I can wear him. Which is a little sad. He has LOVED being in the baby carrier since he was a newborn, but time flies by so fast.
But it was an enjoyable afternoon- great way to kick off spring !

Starting the New Year

Holidays were hectic as they always are, but had wonderful visits with Nini coming to stay for Christmas, and seeing friends in town. It’s so easy to get busy and look down and suddenly 2 months have passed. Miles is disappointed he hasn’t gotten to build a snowman yet. Not sure I am hoping for any snow -but maybe next year we’ll have to visit Iowa in the winter so he can get his fill :) 
He is growing up so fast he amazes me. I have never seen a kid want to help with chores. But if I pull out the vacuum he wants to do it (for about 5min). If i am doing dishes, he wants to wash dishes (more like play in the sink-but we call it washing dishes), if I am bringing in the garbage /recycle cans from the street-he wants to drag them - and he’s actually able to do it himself now-I am not allowed to hold the handle with him anymore. If I try he yells-I can do it!
Well the other week I was cleaning out the gutters on the house and he was playing the yard- and wanted to climb the ladder. Said no a ton of times - then figured ok - he can “help”. At the short end of the house, we climbed the ladder together. I stood behind him with my hands thru the rung of the ladder on either side of his waist holding him tight. He had on his own superman yard gloves (we bought the last time he wanted to help with yard work) and when he first looks up over the top of the roof he says ‘Mommy, our roof is beautiful!!’ LOL I had never thought a roof could be beautiful. But sure enough -he was right. Gotta love a kids perspective sometimes.
I thought he was just going to stand there for a bit- but he reached into the gutter and started throwing the leaves out. I tried to do some too- but he said-NO-I’ll do it ! I said - ok buddy - it’s all you. He did about half of that side with both of us going down the ladder, I’d move it over a little, we’d climb back up -and he would get to throw the leaves down to the ground. Granted that one side took longer than it took me to do the entire other 3 sides - but he was so proud !! And I just loved being there for it. He has totally stepped out of being this little baby/toddler. And has moved into being a big kid.

I would say I wish someone had taken a pic of us up there on the ladder- but honestly it is burned so bright in my memory - I don’t really need the photo.

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Shawn (and Miles)

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Shawn (and Miles)