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We had our first "date" at Starbucks on a cold winter night in 2004. Kelly was immediately drawn to Artie's caring nature, polite manners, and family values. Artie was impressed by Kelly's ambition because she was attending law school on full scholarship while working full-time. We felt an instant connection and ended up closing down the Starbucks that night. We've been inseparable ever since and were married in 2010 surrounded by many family and friends. In 2014, our lives forever changed when we welcomed our son Jackson to our family through adoption. Our relationship has grown stronger as we've learned to parent such an amazing little boy. We strive to provide Jackson with consistency, patience, love, and adventure to nurture him and help him find his way to becoming the best person he can be. Jackson loves swimming, reading, Paw Patrol, animals, riding his bike and scooter, and helping in our garden. We know that Jackson will make a terrific big brother to a new brother or sister - he is gentle, caring, and enjoys in sharing his toys. We have encouraged manners, patience, and respect as we feel these virtues are important for children to learn.

Family is so important to us both and that is why we bought our home on Long Island close to our parents (both sets of parents have been married for over 40 years!), Artie's sisters, Kelly's grandfather, and our nieces and nephews. We take great pride in our home, which is a comfortable, inviting, and safe environment to raise a family.

We also keep in touch with Jackson's birth mother and we consider his first family a special part of our extended family. They are very supportive of us wanting to adopt again and think it would be great for Jackson to have a brother or sister.

Kelly is a lawyer on Long Island and works a flexible part-time schedule from home in order to balance time with family. Her law firm is rated a top firm for working moms and provides ample time off to care for a new child.
Artie is an accountant in New York City (and, pre-covid often worked from home, but now will be working from home all the time). These are careers we both enjoy and which we think suit us very well - Artie jokes that Kelly can win any argument and Kelly jokes that Artie can be painfully precise. We both agree, however, that our most important job is being parents and we promise to give it 100% every day for the rest of our lives.

We love to travel, and have already taken family trips to Florida, South Carolina, California, Caribbean Disney cruises, and to Arizona where Jackson reunited with his birth family. Our goal is to see all 50 states together as a family - and explore other parts of the world too.

We both grew up with pets and feel that they, like children, help make a house a home. We have a two year old poodle/shi-tzu named Rocky, a black cat named Night who we rescued as a kitten over 10 years ago, and 6 chickens. Our pets are a special part of our lives and they have also helped teach Jackson responsibility as he helps to feed and walk them.

We have proudly started the foundation for what we think will be a wonderful future - and hope to build upon that by adding a child (or children) to our loving family.

Thank you for reading this far! We hope we've provided you with a sense of what life is like in our family and that you might consider us as adoptive parents for your baby. Please call, text, or email to learn more about us - we would love to learn more about you too!


Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a family-friendly neighborhood on Long Island in an award-winning school district. There is a park, playground and sports fields in walking distance, and the beach is just a few minutes away. We're also not far from New York City with all of its museums, parks, and Broadway shows.

Our home has 4 large bedrooms so your child would have his/her own room. Many rooms in our house are filled with toys (especially Paw Patrol, Legos and matchbox cars), art supplies, and games that we play together as a family. We also have a piano that Jackson and Artie are learning to play. Our favorite part of our home is the large, fenced-in backyard where we enjoy swimming in the pool, relaxing family barbecues, and outdoor movie nights.

Kelly (by Artie)

adoptive family photo - Kelly (by Artie) I think of Kelly as the "glue" that holds our extended families together. She plans family camping trips, Memorial Day barbecues, July 4th pool parties, Christmas Eve dinners and many other activities and traditions throughout the year to include our families and friends.
Kelly is a great friend, and I love how she has blended her circle of friends with my friends to become "our friends." She is the person everyone turns to for advice because somehow she always knows what to say. Without thinking twice, Kelly will put everyone else first to try to make their day special or a little easier.

The holidays are a big part of our lives, and it's incredible how Kelly takes each of them to the next level - from family costumes at Halloween to transforming our house into a winter wonderland at Christmas. The tree is trimmed perfectly and filled with Kelly's childhood ornaments - her grandma took her every year to pick out a special ornament and she is excited to continue this tradition with the next generation. Throughout the year, the house smells delicious with all of her home-cooked food, including the best meatballs (seriously, they're that good) and delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Most of all, Kelly is an amazing mom to our son, Jackson. She is patient, loving, and gentle - exactly how I knew she would be. When Jackson arrived, Kelly always knew what to do, from bedtime songs to making sure he eats all of his vegetables. Kelly helps Jackson's imagination soar with playtime and keeps him grounded with an understanding of right and wrong. She works part-time, and from home, to have more time for sharing life's simple moments with him, like going to the library and the park, cooking dinner together, reading books, and taking walks through our neighborhood. Kelly can't wait until she can share these and other special moments with another child.

A few of Kelly's Favorite Things:
-Hobby: cooking
-Holiday: Christmas Eve
-Childhood memory: Camping on the beach on the north shore of Long Island
-Place: Greece (where we went on our honeymoon)

Artie (by Kelly)

adoptive family photo - Artie (by Kelly) Artie is a loyal husband and father who would do anything for his family. His Catholic faith is also important to him and serves as a guide in his life.

I love seeing the admiration in our son Jackson's eyes as he looks proudly at Artie and calls him a "super hero". Artie always takes a hands-on approach with Jackson and the other children in our lives. When we get together with extended family, you will often find Artie in the "kids' room" playing games and building forts instead of talking with the adults. This is part of the whimsical, joking side that those closest to him get to see. Artie can be shy at first but, once he warms up, his goofy, light-hearted side comes through. He likes doing impressions (Jackson's favorite is when he says "the claw" like the aliens from Toy Story), singing karaoke, acting out his favorite Saturday Night Live skits, and telling jokes to the point where family and friends are in tears laughing.

Being physically active is also a big part of Artie's life. He enjoys playing softball with the same group of friends he's played with for over 15 years. He shares his love of sports with the kids in our families, including teaching our nephews how to play golf. Artie recognizes that the time spent with Jackson and our nieces and nephews is a gift - and he always makes time for horsey rides, story times, playing catch, and all the other precious moments he shares with Jackson. I know Artie will treasure your child to make sure he or she feels like the most loved child in the world each and every single day.

A few of Artie's Favorite Things:
-Hobby: golfing
-TV show: Seinfeld
-Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
-Holiday: Thanksgiving
-Childhood memory: hitting a grand slam homerun in little league
-Place: home sweet home

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Artie, Kelly & Jackson

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