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Halloween, Birthdays, & Anniversary

It’s a beautiful October here in Minnesota.

October is a busy month for us.  It starts out with our wedding anniversary, we’ve been married eight years this year.  We got married on the top floor of the IDS Tower, the tallest building in Minneapolis.  We had a beautiful view of the entire city and the beautiful fall colors.  Eight years later, we’re still going strong.  On our anniversary each year we make ourselves fondue for two.  This year we set up a fondue picnic in our living room in front of the fireplace. 

We do still love heading into downtown Minneapolis to celebrate.  Just a few days after our anniversary we met Kristia’s dad & step-mother downtown for dinner and a show.  We were celebrating our anniversary, Mike’s birthday, and Kristia’s dad’s birthday!  We had wonderful food and then saw a brand new adaptation of Sense and Sensibility at the Guthrie Theater.  Birthdays have always been an occasion for celebration in Kristia’s family.  It’s a great excuse for everyone to get together, catch up, and have some cake.

Now that all the birthdays and our anniversary are over it’s time for Halloween!  All Hallows’ Eve is Kristia’s favorite holiday.  We’ll let her take it from here.

Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was in elementary school.  Most kids prefer Christmas or their birthdays, but not me.  The chance to dress up, see scary things, and eat all the candy was and still is vastly superior to all other holidays.  Starting in 5th grade my two best friends and I would build a haunted house in my Mom’s attic.  We’d host the haunted house the Saturday before Halloween for all the neighborhood kids.  One year we built a spooky cemetery, another year we made a mad scientist lab, the last year we did an insane asylum.  Once my sister got older she helped create the haunted house & was one of the lead actresses.  It brought the whole neighborhood together every year.  Everyone would dress up in their costumes twice & our moms would usually have something hot to drink & a snack for everyone who stopped by.  It was awesome. 

Now that I’m an adult, my Halloween spirit has not diminished!  For several years I built a graveyard in our front yard.  Now I transform our house into a monster house.  I have giant glowing eyes that stare out from the windows.  All the bushes have blinking eyes that peak out to watch trick-or-treaters go by.  I have a wreath made out of foam eyeballs hanging from my front door.  Pumpkins become an art form and this year I’m adding a teal pumpkin to our display.  I always give chocolate candy, because let’s face it - chocolate is the best.  When Mike was in college he lived in a house with few trick-or-treaters, so every trick-or-treater came away with king size candy bars!

I also have to wear a costume, it’s part of the magic of Halloween.  I wear my costume to work & usually bring in some candy to hand out to anyone stopping by my desk.  I’ve been a witch, a sorcerer, Ginger (from Gilligan’s Island), and the superhero Black Widow.  I plan to repeat my Black Widow costume this year, it’s just too awesome.  However, I am working on getting a Carmen Sandiego costume together.  One of these year’s I’ll find the perfect red trench coat. One of my favorite childhood memories is of the 1991 Halloween Blizzard in Minnesota, I dressed as Pippi Longstocking and refused to wear a coat because it would have ruined my costume (RUINED!).  We still went out trick-or-treating and we got SO MUCH CANDY.  Every house we stopped at let us come inside to warm up & dumped most of their candy into our baskets.  Then we got the next two days off of school to build snow forts & eat all the candy.  It was the best!

I am SO excited to share my love of Halloween with our child.  Knocking on doors with my friends & getting all the awesome candy was fantastic as a kid, we even mapped out the neighborhood ahead of time for maximum candy collection.  My Dad used to dress up as a gorilla and go trick-or-treating with us.  I plan to be that parent.  I’m gonna be the one standing at the end of the driveway dressed in full costume encouraging the kids to run & get to as many houses as they can.  Mike will make sure our kids eat healthy meals, but one night a year will always be a candy free-for-all in our house.

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