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Siblings! by Kristia’s brother Anders

We’re trying something new on the blog this month. We are going to start asking some of our friends & family members to write a post. We’ve asked them to write about whatever they want, so we’ll see what crazy posts we get over the next few months. Today’s kick off for this semi-regular series is Kristia’s brother, Anders. He’s going to let us all know what it’s like to grow up with THREE sisters. Siblings! by Anders On the first day of school in Kindergarten, our teacher asked us to go around the Read more »

Our Garden - by Kristia

I love to garden while Mike likes to cook. It’s a great match as everything comes out of my garden and onto the stove. We usually end up having friends over a lot in the summer to enjoy the grill, the deck, and the veggies. This year I’m growing tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, rhubarb, green peppers, jalepeno peppers, pabano peppers, mariacchi Read more »

Happy Father’s Day - by Mike

Holidays with my family tend to be a little more low key than Kristia’s.  Another one just passed with this year’s Father’s Day.  I stopped by, along with some of my siblings, and shared a Root Beer Float with my old man and some brownies (there always is dessert around his sweet tooth).  We talked about the Read more »

Mother’s Day - by Kristia

Happy Mother’s Day! We are blessed to have wonderful mothers and women in our lives.  It is great to honor all of these women on Mother’s Day.  My wonderful mother-in-law, Marilyn, who welcomed me into the family, is a former computer programmer, and expert chocolate chip cookie baker.  My strong stepmother, Laura, who Read more »


We are huge musical fans.  We have season tickets to a local theater company and go to see many shows at other theaters throughout the Twin Cities.  We are lucky that the Twin Cities has an amazing theater scene,  we have the 2nd most seats per capita in the country (after New York).  We both grew up with musicals as movie Read more »

Winter in Minnesota

February is going strong here in Minnesota.  We’re having a warm spell this winter, it’s been above freezing several days in a row!  Usually we don’t start to thaw until well into March.  Whenever we talk to folks outside of Minnesota they always ask us how we can stand the winters up here, so this month’s blog post is Read more »

Merry Christmas

December is always busy for us.  We have lots of friends and family who all host various Christmas parties.  Kristia’s women in construction organization also hosts a brunch and silent auction.  Mike’s parents winter in Arizona but come home for the holidays.  Kristia’s mom is playing the harp at lots of concerts Read more »


November brings with it Thanksgiving, a holiday that’s always been very family oriented for both of us. For myself, Thanksgiving was one of the many holidays where my mom would cook enough food to feed an army, or at least her family of six and the addition of any wandering remnants of her own family. It tended to be a whole day affair with Read more »

Halloween, Birthdays, & Anniversary

It’s a beautiful October here in Minnesota. October is a busy month for us.  It starts out with our wedding anniversary, we’ve been married eight years this year.  We got married on the top floor of the IDS Tower, the tallest building in Minneapolis.  We had a beautiful view of the entire city and the beautiful fall Read more »

Happy Anniversary!

Today, October 4th, is our Anniversary!  We’ve been married for 8 years as of today, but together for 15 years!  Read more »

Minnesota State Fair

I have been to the Minnesota State Fair almost every year of my life.  I love to go see the animals, the giant pumpkin, and Princess Kay of the Milky Way carved in butter.  I also love to try all the food and get some traditional things that just taste better at the fair.  The Minnesota State Fair is the second largest State Read more »


The 2016 Rio Olympics are here!  Mike & I have been watching them since the opening ceremony.  I LOVE the Olympics.  I clear my DVR ahead of time, download every app I can, & prep the couch so I can watch for all 16 days.  My love for the Olympics started as a kid.  I grew up skiing and sailing with my Dad Read more »

Music & the 4th of July

The 4th of July is always a time for family with us.  Kristia’s Dad hosts a party on the 4th of July every year.  This year was no exception, there was sailing, swimming, food, drinks & good company all around. Later in the week we traveled to Green Lake, Wisconsin to Kristia’s Mother’s family reunion.  The whole Read more »

Father’s Day

I learned a great deal from my father: the value of a dollar, how to engage complete strangers in conversations, the value of a dollar, the importance of reading the news, the value of a dollar, the enjoyment of playtime and of course, something about money and it’s value.  My father managed to sneak in life lessons here and there Read more »

Baby Care Class

While we are waiting to meet you, we try to keep up to date on adoption issues, child care research, and connecting with other adoptive families.  Last month we attended a class on caring for infants.  The class was specifically for adoptive parents and we learned a lot.  As our teacher in class said “your goals for the Read more »

Seeing the USA

We love to travel around the States.  Our home in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St Paul lets us easily jump on a plane or the interstate and be anywhere.  Living in a hub for Delta is nice that way. Just in the in the last year we have been to San Diego, California; Palm Springs, California; Breckenridge, Colorado; Read more »

Why did we choose adoption?

Adoption is our first choice to expand our family.  We both have members of our families who are adopted.  We also have many close friends who are adopted.  So when we started thinking about expanding our family, we naturally thought of adoption.  After reading more about adoption and talking to many of our friends and Read more »

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We started our Adoptimist page in January, 2014. We worked for many months prior to that to be Home Study Approved in Minnesota. We've known that adoption was our first choice for having a family for much longer than that. We're so excited to share our thoughts with you!

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