Cindy & Brian

Cindy & Brian
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To Someone Special,

Hello, we are Brian & Cindy. First of all, let us say we greatly admire and respect your decision which will give couples like us the privilege of raising a child and having a family. In addition, we hope to earn your respect as you begin to learn more about us and realize how very dedicated we are to making our life long dream a reality. Through our journey of adoption we truly believe in the importance of honesty and communication, while also respecting the level of openness that you are most comfortable with.

By selecting us as adoptive parents, we will ensure that he or she is surrounded by unconditional love, happiness, security and opportunity, and will always be aware of the brave and selfless choice you’ve made. We can say with absolute confidence that your child’s future will always come before everything else. Our promise is that he or she will be raised with devotion, respect and honor, as these are some of the important traits we have acquired throughout the years and plan to incorporate within our family. We are eagerly awaiting the day to finally welcome a little one into our hearts and home. Please know that we yearn to have a child to share precious moments with and enjoy the little things in life. Each year new milestones will be reached and special memories will be made, as we will help guide him or her to reach their full potential along the way.

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We are a fun, active and loving couple with an appreciation for enjoying life to the fullest. Our relationship is strong and stable because we realize the importance of communication, love, trust and respect for each other. We also share many of the same goals, interests, values and morals which has created an incredible bond between us. Together we enjoy spending time with our extended family and friends,dining out, going to movies, vacationing, shopping, playing trivia, anything sports related, planning a day at the zoo and spending most of our free time together. Being married to each other has provided us with a sense of unconditional love, happiness and security that continues to grow with each passing day. Therefore, we have never been more ready, excited and hopeful to start our family through adoption.

Adoption Diary


We remain hopeful and committed to opening our hearts and home to a very special child. If you’re reading this and are considering adoption, please know that we are so ready to accept a little one into our lives and be the best parents a child could ask for. We have so much love to offer, as well as stability and a chance at a great life for a child. We’ve been waiting so long and we want nothing more for our future than to have the honor to raise and love a child unconditionally.

Still waiting…

We have so much love to give a little one and are so very hopeful that we will have the opportunity to be adoptive parents to a special child :)

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Cindy & Brian

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Cindy & Brian