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Don and Nicole
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Honest, Creative, Fun Loving, and long time happily married couple hoping to adopt

To Someone Special,
We respect and admire your strength and devotion to your child in considering open adoption. We are committed to raising a child with love, patience, imagination and understanding. In our home, we promise your child will always value and appreciate the choice that you have made. We look forward to including you in our family however you feel comfortable. We can’t wait to hear from you!
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Who We Are

We met in Southern California and shared the same circle of friends for many years, several of whom we're still in contact with. One night after a show, we bumped into each other at the local Denny's, started talking, and haven't stopped since! A few years later we moved to Seattle, Washington. It was here we grew strong together, learned who we were as a couple, and got married. Our relationship is based on trust in family, a passion for life, and the strong bond of friendship. We've learned the value of faith and how to apply it in practical ways. It's been a fantastic journey, and now we're looking forward to adding a new member to the team!

Additional things about us:
Don is a musician, he started on Clarinet in school and moved to self learning the drums. He's played in multiple bands and after leaving his last band is now playing the Alto sax we have and is learning the guitar. The dogs and I love sitting around listening to him play and we make up songs and sing and laugh together.
I was in Choir and love to sing and took piano lessons as a kid. Now that we have my family Piano I hope to get back into relearning the piano (after we tune it) and sharing our love and appreciation for music with our future child.
We enjoy the outdoors whether it's going to the park, fishing, camping, swimming at the lake or just hanging out in the yard with our dogs.
We love to travel and have new adventures and recently returned from Italy. We frequently visit family and friends back in California and we can't wait to explore the world with a little one.

Adoption Diary

IAC is Gone so now what?

So With IAC going out of business it’s been a whirlwind of not only emotions but a WTF do we do now.
I can say we contacted our local news to bring to light the problems IAC had and while it wasn’t a perfect piece at least we had our voices heard.
I had a hard weekend recently in light of the closure and then our Superbowl party where I met the 2 babies who should’ve been our babies BFFS as it were. If our placement hadn’t failed last August our boy would’ve been about 2 months older than our friend’s boys they had in November/December.  It was a gratifying day to hold the babies for 8 hours but at the same time it was devastating. I actually cried the whole way home in a snow storm meaning it took us 3 hours to get home.  Now I know it’s on me and my emotions, etc but seriously it’s been 4 years and I’m human.  The week leading up to this is what I think broke me.  I’ve not had issues when the others were born, except to be jubilant in their arrival. I love those kids as my own.  I watched their parents grow up and then have them so what’s not to love!
Today, I find we’re at cross-roads.  I’ve contacted, many lawyers and none have contacted us back.  There was a lawyer in our news piece that I left a message with and here we are 5 days later and no response to our message I left for her.  I had also contacted a lawyer in Seattle and he took my name and number but never called me back; even after our social worker emailed him so ya that doesn’t breed any confidence. These are AAAA Lawyers so how are we supposed to be confidant with them handling our potential situation.  The answer is we aren’t.  Thankfully the lawyer we had with our failed placement is available but I haven’t reached out yet. This is on my to do list.

We are lucky to have own website on top of other social media but so far the biggest issue we’ve had is no one shares our pages.  Everyone says oh hey grats! hope it happens soon but no one steps up and shares us. So please if you follow us or even just read our blog please for the love of all please share our journey because now without an agency we’re stuck on word of mouth/social media.
Our personal website is http://www.dndadoption.org/
Of course we still have FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Adoptimist, and you tube.

WTF IAC Where have you left us after almost 4 years!

Today was not a good day because our agency of almost 4 years has shut down, blacked out, without reason. They have our documents that we need (and all the other families need and no word on how to obtain them!).
Ok sure they say it’s because of a changing climate that they can’t handle it but what of the 550+ people you took money from and aren’t following through with and I mean especially those families who just paid you a few days ago.  What of the Birth families who are supposed to have life time counseling that will no longer receive it?
I’m upset and so are all the other families.  This was done in a most shoddy way.  Of course no one employed by the agency can talk of it and neither can the board of director’s which 2 of them are my Facebook Friends so great but I’m not standing down.
This is complete bullshit in how it was handled and the CA AG will be hearing from me tomorrow along with whoever I can call.
I called an agency today and their response; I know we were completely taken by surprise – We’ve been working with IAC on a case we have and all was fine yesterday at 4pm when we spoke.  Now you might wonder why that is and the answer is the Board and those in charge of the IAC didn’t inform the staff that they’d be losing their jobs today and so for all IAC it was business as usual.
IAC handled this in the absolute worst fashion than they could have.  They really should have informed clients of the possibility, not taken on new clients or taken new fees towards PPC (google ads), and enlightened us who were waiting.  They could have sent the email before alerting everyone by disabling our community pages. They could have allowed us the time to request our records be returned to us.
Now we are all scrambling for new community pages, help, and just plain support! Our ACs are gone stuffed into a black out with the bankruptcy.  We can’t even thank them for their service and support.
The official press release said we were all notified and yet only about half of us were and after the fact.  I got the email about 12:30pm and some others never got it at all (like my husband and many friends’ waiting to finalize). Whatever is going on here isn’t normal and needs to be investigated.  I’m calling the DA in CA tomorrow.
If you are a part of the IAC don’t stand by – make your voice heard.  Call the press, write the press, and make it public how all of us in the triad have been mistreated and our money and hope stolen from us!
I’m honestly appalled after 4 years and it’s going to take some time to sink in.

I now have to edit all our pages and websites to delete the now defunct IAC and as of now I have nothing to replace it with.  Ya I have a lawyer on speed dial but I had hoped for what IAC promised and it’s gone.  Time for more research!

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Don and Nicole

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Don and Nicole