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Don and Nicole


Don and Nicole
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Honest, Creative, Fun Loving, and long time happily married couple hoping to adopt

To Someone Special,
We respect and admire your strength and devotion to your child in considering open adoption. We are committed to raising a child with love, patience, imagination and understanding. In our home, we promise your child will always value and appreciate the choice that you have made. We look forward to including you in our family however you feel comfortable. We can’t wait to hear from you!
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Who We Are

We met in Southern California and shared the same circle of friends for many years, several of whom we're still in contact with. One night after a show, we bumped into each other at the local Denny's, started talking, and haven't stopped since! A few years later we moved to Seattle, Washington. It was here we grew strong together, learned who we were as a couple, and got married. Our relationship is based on trust in family, a passion for life, and the strong bond of friendship. We've learned the value of faith and how to apply it in practical ways. It's been a fantastic journey, and now we're looking forward to adding a new member to the team!

Additional things about us:
Don is a musician, he started on Clarinet in school and moved to self learning the drums. He's played in multiple bands and after leaving his last band is now playing the Alto sax we have and is learning the guitar. The dogs and I love sitting around listening to him play and we make up songs and sing and laugh together.
I was in Choir and love to sing and took piano lessons as a kid. Now that we have my family Piano I hope to get back into relearning the piano (after we tune it) and sharing our love and appreciation for music with our future child.
We enjoy the outdoors whether it's going to the park, fishing, camping, swimming at the lake or just hanging out in the yard with our dogs.
We love to travel and have new adventures and recently returned from Italy. We frequently visit family and friends back in California and we can't wait to explore the world with a little one.

Adoption Diary

Summer so far

Wow where has the summer gone.  I can’t believe it’s almost August.
I started summer by falling in the lake on Memorial Day with my phone in my pocket. I hadn’t gotten it into the waterproof case and into the jet ski compartment before the jet ski flipped sending Don and I into the lake.  Really was pretty funny, except for my cell phone. Accidents happen and thankfully I not only had insurance for a full replacement but I got upgraded as well so it worked out better than expected.
This summer our project has been gutting the master bath and redoing all the drywall, removing a build out and putting in a new shower/tub combo plus replacing the cabinets, counters, tile floor and toilet.  The plumbing was redone as well.  It looks great and took roughly 6 weeks to do.  We hired the plumber’s, tiler’s and drywall experts but did the rest ourselves.
We also tackled the garden boxes this year by not just weeding and planting but we also put down landscape fabric and mulch.  Everything is growing like crazy this year.  We have lots of tomatoes, peppers, and blueberries.  The grape plant is growing like crazy too but I’m not seeing any fruit yet. Soon it’ll be time to make and can up salsa and homemade spaghetti sauce and roast up the peppers.
End of August we fly to Atlanta for Dragon Con.  I can’t wait to see all our friends again. One of our friends who live in the area just finalized their adoption for their 2 boys.  I’m thrilled that when we see each other I can congratulate them all in person.  There are a ton of celebrities and artists I’m excited to see this year so I’ll be standing in a lot of lines for panels/photos this year and Stan Lee leading the parade is going to be awesome!
That’s summer for us so far.

Back from our vacation

This year we went on a vacation with our close friends and had a great time.  We flew to Ft. Lauderdale and drove to Miami Beach for a 2 day stay.  Our friends like hanging out pool side during the day so Don and I headed out for a walk along the beach boardwalk where we came upon the golden mammoth.  We did some gift shopping and our friends met us for dinner at a Cuban restaurant.  The next day was uneventful, they hit the pool and we hit the beach.
We got up early the following day to drive out to Key West.  Our friends had never been there and we had so we did the drive again for them. This time we stayed 4 miles outside downtown and even had a “beach”. Key West not only has their chickens but this time around lots of Iguanas.  We never saw them the last time we were there and probably because we stayed downtown. We walked around downtown, did a bit of shopping, rented jet skis, and just relaxed. On the 4th day we had to head back to Miami to catch our flight home.  It was great to relax and enjoy the sun, beach and Island.

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Don and Nicole

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Don and Nicole