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**Matt, Katy & Evelyn**

We warmly invite you to explore our profile.

To that special woman out there -

THANK YOU for coming here! Knowing that someone is reading this makes us hopeful that somewhere, somehow our dream to grow our family is possible.

We are so profoundly grateful for the gift of adoption and the deepest love it represents. We could not be a family without adoption!

As adoptive parents we know how important it is to create a stable, respectful and loving environment for our children to be free to grow into their true self. It would be incredible for our children to have someone to grow up with, bond with, giggle, explore and understand each other in a way that only siblings can.

Our children will always know that it is the love of their mother that brought them to us and they will always know our love is real and unconditional.

With so much hope and admiration,
Katy, Matt and Evelyn

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Who We Are

We are a family of three and hope to be four! Matt and Katy have been together for nearly 20 years! And Evelyn joined the family almost 5 years ago, through adoption.

What an adventure that was! We are very open about Evelyn having come from Melissa’s tummy and we are seeing how important that being proud and open about adoption is for our child and ourselves. This is not a secret, this is a profound act of love. It is our job to honor that love daily.

We know that adoptive families go by a different playbook. We have educated ourselves and surrounded ourselves with some of the best resources out there so that we can ensure our children have what they need to feel strong, safe and grow into the best versions of themselves they can.

Because building a family came late to us, we were able to save up and get further into our careers than we might have otherwise.

This felt like a curse at the time, but now we realize it was part of preparing for our special path to parenthood.

We have a community and resources that we built up over time while we waited and waited…we realized it was our job to be prepared when called upon. And we are prepared!

Adoption Diary

Adoptive Families Annual Picnic

We went to the Vista Del Mar annual adoptive families picnic today. The kids LOVED the magician and they made fast friends with other people like them. The parents all shared stories openly about how they came to be a family. It is always nice to have a space where our kids are around other kids like them. Evelyn always makes fast friends at this event. And I love seeing how the families grow each year.

We have a new pet!

The magic of black spray paint! Evy had an idea to make a giant spider so we set to work and turned pool noodles and trash bags into a spooky spider!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


**Matt, Katy & Evelyn**

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**Matt, Katy & Evelyn**