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Felicia and Vinny met in December 2008 through a mutual friend in Murfreesboro, TN. Vinny was a Murfreesboro native and Felicia had moved there two years prior from Jackson, TN. After a month of dating, we began a relationship.

After several years of dating we moved in together in August 2013 and began to become solidified as a long-term couple. After graduating with a Master’s degree, Vinny soon after proposed to Felicia in December 2015.

With several years of co-habiting we knew we didn’t need a long engagement. We married in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado in July 2016. Naturally, we began discussing children soon after marriage.

However, Felicia has a younger brother with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a debilitating muscle disease that leads to chronic pain, loss of mobility, and premature death. After genetic testing in November 2016, Felicia was diagnosed as a carrier of DMD. Meaning she could pass the disease on to a son, making it too risky to have biological children.

During that time, we began discussing adoption to build our family. Since 2016, we began working toward the position to be able to start a family. In 2018, we bought our first house to free up money from expensive rent. In 2021, Vinny obtained a job that provides great health insurance, benefits, work life balance, and pay. In late 2022, Felicia transferred to a local library branch closer to our home. Working part-time will make it an easier transition to become a stay-at-home mom to provide complete childcare for our adopted child.

So here we are! You’re looking at over 7 years of preparation to be financially, emotionally, and physically prepared so we can truly be good parents to our child. We’re "slow and steady wins the race" kind of people. Our life goals are to live simply and focus on the love and warmth a household can generate when it’s not focused on things, but instead on family, quality time, and most importantly, unconditional love.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our 1,200sq.ft. ranch style home (built in 1961) is located in the small town of Chapel Hill, TN. Chapel Hill is a quiet, charming town about 1 hour south of Nashville.

We moved into our home in 2018, and it has undergone several updates and renovations over the years to make it a cozy and comfortable home to raise our adoptive child(ren).

Our 3 bedroom, 1 bath home is situated on a half acre of which we keep up several gardens to grow food, flowers, and herbs. We really enjoy hanging out in our shaded backyard with many mature trees and a cozy fire-pit for those cool crisp evenings. We'd loved to see our adopted child(ren) roaming the backyard and even helping them learn how to gather eggs from our small flock of chickens.

We look forward to seeing our adopted child(ren) play in our extra large living room space and teaching them how to cook meals with our homegrown produce in our kitchen!

We intend for our adoptive child(ren) to take up one of the back bedrooms in our house overlooking the backyard gardens and chicken coop. Their room will have a closet, one window, and lots of natural light during the morning hours to help them gently wake up from a good night's sleep or a midday nap.


adoptive family photo - Vinny Vinny is known amongst his friends and family as an intelligent, thoughtful, good listener who prides himself on knowledge, self sufficiency, and physical/spiritual health.

As a parent Vinny's best assets will be...


Vinny has shown a superior level of patience over the years when handling his nieces, nephews, friend's children, and when coaching youth athletes from the ages of 8-18. He's a terrific mentor to youth and teenagers, and his natural patience allows him to react calmly to all circumstances.

Vinny is always looking for opportunities to lift others up. In his work life, friend life, and personal life he's always finding ways to make himself second in order to help others be first. I see Vinny doing that with his child. Always putting his kid first and himself second to make them the best person they can be.

I have to be honest, Vinny is just a plain fun guy! He's maintained this childlike sense of wonder his whole life. He's the first one wrestling on the floor with all his nieces and nephews. He loves to play, joke, and keep children engaged however possible. He's always asking kids fun questions to peak their curiosity and create funny and teachable moments! Vinny is a just a big kid sometimes, and children absolutely love it!


adoptive family photo - Felicia Felicia is one of the most compassionate people. She feels things deeply and puts her heart into everything she does. As a mother her best assets will be...

-Child raising experience
-Attention to detail

Felicia is the second oldest of eight children. She's been changing diapers, feeding babies, nursing booboos, and all the other things infant/toddler care requires for the majority of her life. She's spent part of a lifetime raising her younger siblings and will certainly use that experience to excel as a mother.

Felicia is a type 1A when it comes to detail. She's not one to do something halfway. As a mother, I see that ability being useful when it comes to teaching perseverance to her grade-school aged child. Or even when it comes to their health. She won't ignore issues and let them get worse. If her child presented with something iffy, she'd be first in line to take those preventative measures to keep her child healthy and well.

As mentioned in the intro, Felicia has strong compassion. Not only raising children but working for many years in veterinary care, I've watched her have such a huge heart for all animals. I've seen her stop cars mid-highway to save a turtle, care for lost dogs/cats, and I know she'll have that same level (if not more) level of compassion for her child and their wellbeing!

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Vinny & Felicia

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