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Hi! We are Kait and Greg! We are so hopeful about growing our family through adoption, and look forward to finding a match that feels just right for everyone

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Though we know that we will make mistakes, and that nothing in life goes exactly as planned, we also know that by creating a loving home and environment where everyone feels safe to be their authentic selves, we will overcome any challenges together. We have both worked with kids of all ages, from all different backgrounds, and neither of us have ever met a child who we can’t connect with on some level. That is because we listen, provide space to process feelings, and work with kids to learn and grow. We promise you that we will use this same approach with our children in our home as well.

Our home will be filled with love, laughter and lots of fun. Dance and karaoke parties, cheering on local sports teams, and crafting with Kait, along with games, baking and gardening with Greg will be weekly regulars. Snuggles and walks with our two pups will hopefully become quick family favorites. Whether our kids are interested in surfing, skiing, traveling, singing, golfing, drawing, chess, hiking, biking, basketball, etc…they will be able to try and explore them all. We hope to give our children countless opportunities to find what they love, and together, we will never stop trying new things and exploring the wonders of the world.

Community: We live in a neighborhood called the “Sunset,” perfectly named, as we can watch the sun set every evening over the ocean.

Our house, which we have been lucky to own and live in for the past six years, is located in the quiet “surfer’s town” of San Francisco. We are 8 blocks from the beach and less than a mile from San Francisco’s version of Central Park. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by nature, while also living within walking distance to restaurants, theaters, farmers markets, cafes and great schools.

Our home has many perks that we think make it pretty perfect: we have a beautiful backyard with SO many succulents that our family refers to it as "Dr. Seuss' Garden;" there's an open layout kitchen-dining room-living room, which is ideal for hosting friends and family for yummy meals; there is a downstairs guest room for visitors, and a nursery that is ready and waiting for the perfect fit <3

We love our neighborhood and our neighbors, who are some of our closest friends. We often have driveway hangouts while the kids (both young and old) skateboard or rollerblade on our street, or we meet up in our backyard where we can get the last of the evening sun. It is a quiet and safe place that we feel has a special magic to it.

About Kait (Written by Greg)

adoptive family photo - About Kait (Written by Greg) Kait is a passionate and intellectual individual who uses her gifts to help and benefit the lives of all of those in her life. Whether spending her personal time perfecting a video for her elementary schoolers on the importance of kindness, or discovering “convenient” detours to meet up with loved ones, Kait is the most thoughtful, hardworking and loyal person that I know.

I love to learn from Kait, and with Kait, as we explore new people, places and things in our immediate community and globally. She helped broaden my world perspective on our honeymoon to visit her homestay family in South Africa, and cultivated my travel bug during our journey into the Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand, where we spent meaningful time understanding the life long commitment mahouts make to the elephants entrusted with their care. Her desire to learn from others is a constant reminder that we can learn from, and there is value in, every experience.

We both love to continuously work on our relationship together and are committed to continue on that journey through our shared experiences. Kait’s professional skill sets are only the icing on the cake of what our child will benefit from, as her positive framing and outlook on the world will nurture our child with hope and endless possibilities. I know from my own experience that Kait will not only be there to hold our child accountable in becoming the best version of themselves, but will also be there every step of the way to cheer them on!

About Greg (Written by Kait)

adoptive family photo - About Greg (Written by Kait) Greg is the most trustworthy and loyal person in my life. He is outgoing, funny, and intellectually curious, which allows him to connect with just about everyone he meets. Greg is the type of person who has a special handshake with the crossing guard at work, because he takes time every day to stop and say hello. He’s hard to forget, or easy to remember, and somehow runs into more people he knows on the west coast than I do; it’s not an uncommon occurrence for us to be walking across the street and hear his name called out.

Greg shows his love through acts of service: he constantly does little things, like becoming the house launderer because he knows it’s my least favorite chore, or waking up early to make baked goods for my coworkers. But he does big things to show his love too, like flying across the country to spend a day with his newborn nephew, and moving across the country to be with me. He notices when there is a need and never shies away from helping out.

He is incredibly hard-working and dedicated to the people in his life, and I love that we both are invested in constant improvement in our individual lives and our relationship; together we seek new experiences that we can learn and grow from, which we will continue to do with our children. Although we don’t yet have kids of our own, Greg’s natural ability to understand, play, and work with children is one of the things I love and admire most about him. I know there will be many challenges we will face as parents together, but I have little doubt that being a dad will be one of his greatest successes in life.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Kait & Greg

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