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The hardest part of my adoption journey has been the waiting, waiting and more waiting. But I’m not just sitting around.  I’m using this time to get ready for my future child.  Over the last year I have gathered the necessary baby gear and prepared the nursery.  I’ve even started sewing a baby blanket. I have also talked with many adoptive parents who have been supportive and informative and will also provide my future child with connections to other adopted children.  This is Read more »

Future Relationship

I wish I had a crystal ball to tell you exactly what my relationship with the child’s birth mother will be like.  Unfortunately, I can’t see the future. However, I would love for the birth mother to be involved in my child’s life somehow.  Generally, it’s better for the child to know where Read more »


I love to travel! I didn’t do much of it as a kid - just trips to see family.  After college, I planned a one month journey to Europe.  It started with a desire to go to Norway to see where my grandpa was born and then I added on Iceland, Denmark and Germany.  That was when I fell in love with Read more »


Traditions can be an important grounding and stabilizing force for anyone, but especially a child.  They also create connections and build relationships. I have a mix of traditions - religious, cultural, family, friends, formal, casual, personal and a little odd.  I was raised Catholic so although I’m not Read more »

My Goddaughter

My goddaughter turned nine yesterday.  The years are flying by, seems like just yesterday when I was holding her on the day she was born.  A little girl brimming with strength and kindness growing into a brave and caring young lady.  I am lucky to be involved in her life.  She and her little brother will Read more »


There are many things I want to pass on to my child including certain values.  I want to help them become a responsible and caring human. A few that I believe are especially important: 1. Using their voice to stand up for themselves and other people.  I want them to know that their opinions are important and they Read more »

My Leg

You have probably seen from photos or my profile book that I’m an amputee.  If that is something that makes you wonder if I’m capable of parenting, I encourage you to ask me questions.  I assure you, no question is off limits and I can pretty much guarantee I’ve heard them all.  My answers Read more »

Your Concerns

Hello Expectant Mothers, I know you are going through a lot right now.  You are trying to make a difficult decision that is loaded with emotion.  What I want most for each and every one of you is to feel like you have the room to look at your options and make a decision that is best for you and your baby.  Read more »

My Mother

I suppose it makes sense to tell you a bit about my mother, future grandma to the baby. Whenever I have a question, need something, want advice or have news to share, my mom is my first call.  She is never too busy to be a sounding board whether it was for junior high drama or even now if I have an issue.  I Read more »

My Father

In honor of Father’s Day it would be a good time to tell you about my dad.  He is an amazing human being who values respect and consideration for everyone.  He is always looking for how to help other people, whether that’s pushing a stranger’s stalled car out of traffic, making connections between Read more »

Single Parent Life

Hi expectant moms, Some of you may be hesitant to place your baby for adoption with a single parent home instead of a married couple.  That is completely understandable and in some ways valid.  You should place your baby with the family that feels like the right fit for you.  However, I did want to provide some Read more »

Supportive Friends

I am fortunate to have a huge community of supportive friends.  There is Chelsey, who I’ve been friends with since high school.  She is generous and silly and will make a wonderful aunt to my future child.  I love being a part of her children’s childhood and seeing them grow up. Colleen and I Read more »

My Journey So Far

Hi!  Being a mother has always been a dream of mine.  about 9 months ago I decided to pursue adoption.  It is a lot of paperwork followed by a lot of waiting but I’m hopeful that there is a baby out there for me. Expectant moms, I would be truly honored to raise your baby.  I believe that you should Read more »

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