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5/29 Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day all! Although the weather wasn’t the best we had a barbecue with Jamie’s family and neighbors. The little ones, our niece and nephew, color our family get togethers with so much joy and entertainment. It’s hysterical and endearing to see these little people bring everyone together in new and wonderful ways! The smiles say it all and we wanted to share the joy with you! We invite you to keep checking in to see more! Read more »

5/27 Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend from 1775! The warmer weather and unofficial start of summer brings our favorite historical community events. Today was the first day Gerard stepped into the fife and drum line and we had a blast! We talked about our love of history and interest in reenacting living history on our first date and Read more »


By Wednesday nights we are always ready for a little break in the week and ready to have something to look forward to when we come home! Tonight we enjoyed grilling and spending some time enjoying the beautiful weather in our gazebo. Our gazebo was lovingly built by Gerard with an assist at the finish from a few friends and Read more »

Sunshine Sunday!

The weather was so beautiful today we were so happy to get outside and enjoy it! A local airfield had a pancake breakfast and antique car show for the community today and as a member Gerard volunteered and we got to invite the family! Everyone can be so busy we certainly treasure this special family time. We also posted our Read more »

5/19 Friday Feels

The end of the week is the time for us to recharge and reconnect with each other. We usually spend Friday nights winding down, food prepping after dinner and planning the weekend if we don’t have plans which is how we spent tonight. We truly enjoy cooking together and getting wrapped up in talking or dancing to the Read more »

5/17 Wednesday Work Day

After having a long day at work we went to the library to check out some books and park passes as well as to enjoy some time outside on the walking trail. We then met Gerard’s Mom at work to get dinner. Self-care is important to us and today had it all: food, nature and exercise! We also had time to update some new Read more »

5/15 Certification Day!

We were certified and approved by the court today after months of waiting! Our hearts are so full of excitement and of wondering what the future holds! Please stay tuned as we construct our profiles and begin to put ourselves out there! We are looking forward to hearing from you! Read more »

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Welcome to our adoption diary! We love journaling as a way to express gratitude and remind ourselves of healthy perspectives. Here we'd love to share insights into our daily life, thoughts and feelings so please feel free to check back often to see what's new!

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