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Our Story

We have grown up locally to each other in neighboring communities living strongly parallel lives. After returning home from college and beginning our careers fate intervened and we met on eHarmony! It was clear very early on we both felt like we were made for each other and we love sharing with people exactly what lead to us being matched and how we ended up together from our respective sides of the computer screen!

Our Home

We live in a Cape style home surrounded by a wonderful community & nature. Our favorite spot inside is our living room but our backyard is our sanctuary and we can't wait to play outside on warm summer nights or cozy snow days and everything in between!

We bought our home in 2016, three short months before our wedding! We were supposed to look at another house that day but the appointment didn't work out. It was a whirlwind of a summer to get the house ready and we moved in just a couple of weeks before our big day! We are so glad to have found our forever home and are very grateful to our parents for easing our nerves and helping us see beyond the wallpaper!


adoptive family photo - Jamie Jamie is a talented, fun, and loving person that enjoys spending time with her family. She is always excited when she is asked to babysit her nephew or god-daughter/niece and is always happy to read, play, get them ready for bed, or to experience them learning something new because getting to take care of them means she always learns something too. She has a love for animals and has a special place in her heart for puppies and dogs of all ages. Jamie's life experiences make her wise beyond her years and whether it's teaching a dog a new trick or behavior to supporting a family member or friend, you can always count on her.


adoptive family photo - Gerard Gerard is an easy going, inquisitive and gentle person with an enthusiasm for life and has the contagious laugh to match these qualities. He loves to learn and enjoys opportunities to experience new things. From inventing a new shake, hosting unique events at home or planning a new outing he always has something to contribute and uses this to create meaningful relationships with his wife, family and friends. Gerard loves hockey, aero science, history and languages and is eager to share his interests with his nephew and niece as they grow up! Family time is full of those opportunities and our nephew loves to have Uncle Gerard read to him, play hockey and push him in his blue car!

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Gerard & Jamie

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Gerard & Jamie