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Our Story

We have been inseparable since the night we met at a Karaoke fundraiser where Dan serenaded Alissa with an impeccable Justin Timberlake impression. We immediately fell in love and married a year later. About five years ago we adopted our son, Sullivan, and our family grew. When we are not working, we love to travel and go on adventures, get creative, and sit back and relax. Our home is perfect for cuddling up to watch a movie next to our sleepy dogs, Fosse and Mia, or playing/relaxing in our big backyard. We like to challenge each other to fulfill our dreams, and are thrilled and hopeful to grow our family again through adoption.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is a cozy and sits on a tree-lined street with a lawn in the front, and a large backyard. Our yard has several fruit trees, a chicken run, and large space for playing. Just a few block away, we can walk to a beautiful park with a playground perfect to meet all the other neighborhood kids. With Salt Lake City’s mountains, canyons, parks, zoos, libraries, museums, and local events, there’s always something to do. We look forward to summers full of hikes, farmer’s markets and roasting marshmallows around the campfire, with winters full of sledding and hot chocolate while we admire all of the Christmas lights around town as a family.


adoptive family photo - Dan Daniel is a man of integrity, generosity, and kindness. He is also organized, hardworking and good at planning for the future. He is successful in business, but not at the expense of his family. He is observed to be an excellent father as well. He is well liked in his community and seen as someone who will help others and offer support. Additionally, he nurturing to those around him. He is good with all kids and was noted to be the “fun uncle.”

Food: Everything
Hobby: Traveling. I never like to go to the same place twice. There’s so much to see.
Holiday: Halloween
Color: Red
Book: Confederacy of Dunces
Happy Place: Outside
TV Show: Sherlock


adoptive family photo - Alissa Alissa is a committed and nurturing parent and to others around her. She is dedicated to the things she loves and has an innate ability to teach and connect with children. She is a favorite teacher at the dance studio and works hard to help students progress. She is well liked by her neighbors and is helpful to her community and those she interacts with. She is passionate about dance, learning and development and promotes growth in others.

Food: Thai food
Hobby: Creating. I love to choreograph, make videos, and learning more about creative processes.
Holiday: Christmas
Color: Yellow
Book: The Graveyard Book or anything Neil Gaiman
Happy Place: The dance and Pilates studio.​
TV Shows: Home remodeling shows and all binge worthy shows.

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Dan & Alissa

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Dan & Alissa