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Steve and I met though an online dating site, after the first date we both knew we had met "the one".
After also a year a of dating Steve proposed and even surprised me with having my parent, close friends and Steve's family and close friend's there to celebrate with them afterwards. We were married a year after we were engaged in what I call my dream wedding and we got to take a beautiful honeymoon to Italy.
We both knew we wanted to have children, so we began trying soon after we were married. After not being able to get pregnant on our own we trying multiple rounds of IVF, we weren't successful.
After many conversations, we made the decision to start the process of adoption.
I am already very familiar with adoption since I was adopted myself as a newborn, and I have a sister who my parents adopted as well. They gave us a great life and I always knew I was adopted and my parents are very opened with me about my adoption story, even though it was a closed adoption. A few years back, I was able to meet some of my relatives on my birth father's side and we have kept in touch.

Our Home

We live in a beautiful and safe community, small knit where everyone looks out for everyone. We have some greats schools by us. Also we live very close near the beach and have great parks and lakes to hike around too. We live near a lot of our friends and family as well.


adoptive family photo - Wendie Wendie is loving and had a very good heart and is honest. Anyone in her life said she is the most caring and selfless person they have ever met.
She will make a great mother because she is very nurturing, patient, warm and definitely has a mother instinct. She already a great mommy to her fur baby Luna.
Wendie was also adopted as a newborn so she is very familiar with the experience of being adopted and will share her adoption journey openly with her future children.
In the last couple of years have reconnected with her biological father’s family. It’s been a very lovely and positive experience.


adoptive family photo - Steve Steve is a fun loving, and easy going guy. He has an amazing smile and a great laugh. He will make an amazing father, he loves to tell stories and teach you something new (that's the teacher in him). He is already a great da d to our fur baby Luna, loves to take her on long walks and to lay on the floor and play ball with her. He has the biggest heart and will go out of his way to show his kindness to everyone he meets.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Wendie & Steve

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