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Meet Andrew’s Mom

We decided to go with another getting to know us post since has been so long since our last one. Family is so important so it’s important to us to share our family with any expectant mother considering adoption for her child. Our hope with these posts is that collectively an expectant mother can get insight into what life Read more »

Some winter fun

Had such a fun time at the museum of Science and Industry the other day! Its not something we do often but on a cold Chicago day when you want to just get out of the house its a fun experience and we one we can’t wait to share with our future family! Read more »

Meet Amanda’s Siblings !

It’s been a little bit since our getting to know us Entry, so we wanted to continue with the theme of sharing a little bit about our families! Again, family is so important, and everyone is so excited to welcome any child we are blessed with! Amanda has one sister named Bryanna and her husband Joey, and one brother named Read more »

Field Museum Day

We decided to take a trip to the Field Museum the other day! We especially enjoyed the updated the Native American exhibit. Definitely would go one day with our future family! Read more »

Christmas Day

We had such a wonderful Christmas! The last two days were full of family time, good food, and tradition that we can’t wait to be able to share with our children one day. Read more »

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas eve at Amanda’s mom and dads house. We didn’t end up doing a craft this year but, we played games and visit with family. It was so much fun! We have been so blessed to have such supportive friends and family with our adoption journey. Read more »

Getting into the Holiday Spirit!

Every year Amanda’s family does a holiday craft, for Christmas its usually gingerbread men. During covid we started doing holiday crafts just us since we were all social distancing. Even though we can now celebrate together again we plan keeping this tradition. Read more »

Craft Fair

Had such a nice day at the craft fair with Andrew’s mom. Even found some cute items for our future nugget. Read more »

Starved Rock

Had such a nice time at Starved Rock the other day! Just one of the many little gems of IL that we can’t wait to share with our future family. Read more »

Happy Fall!

One of our favorite activities is to go hiking! We especially like to go hiking during the fall when all the leaves are changing colors. It’s something we can’t wait to share with our future children! Read more »

About This Diary

We always try to keep in mind that adoption is born from loss and we hope that these posts can give anyone who is considering adoption a little glimpse into our lives and get to know us at your own pace during this uncertain and stressful time.

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