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Beale Street

While at a conference in Memphis TN, I got to tour the famous Beale Street with a colleague and her daughter. I look forward to having spending similar moments with my child. Read more »

National Convention

Attended a national convention of a bar association this weekend in Memphis TN. It was great to catch up with good friends and colleagues from across the country. Read more »

Sunday with Mom

Had a great time visiting my mom on Sunday. We went to Grace BC where she teaches Sunday School. After church we had brunch and did a bit of shopping.  She’s looking forward to meeting her grand baby. Read more »

Keeping a Positive Outlook

This photo is from an event this summer and my IG current profile pic. I was scrolling through my camera and stopped on it because it really captured a moment of pure joy and happiness. One of my friends upon seeing this photo had remarked, “that’s so you.” I’m glad that this is how friends see me. Because, Lord Read more »

To Love a Child

Frank Sinatra has a great song about what it is to love a child. Said the older to the younger giraffe Do you need someone to care for? Said the older to the younger giraffe I’m available and therefore Hand in hand, they both went down Spend the day in jungle town Anything that they can do, humans can do too As one Read more »

Saying Goodbye to Summer

Summer is my favorite season…I love the long days and time spent outdoors. (No, I don’t like the intense heat ... lol) I am looking forward to the fall— apple picking and other activities. Read more »

Love to Swing in the Park

While walking Nala stopped by local park to get on the swing … one of my fave activities as a kid. If you or someone you know is expecting and considering adoption, I’d love to talk with you.  Call/Text: (917) 727-8599 Email: Website: Read more »

Singing ABC Song from Gracie’s Corner

Ever since I saw on Instagram, @lif3ofloco and his daughter’s video singing the gracie’s corner “ABC song” I’ve been singing it. So I decided to make my own video. Can’t wait to do the real thing with my lil one. Please be sure to check it out in the videos tab. Let me know what you think! Read more »

Harlem Week

There were loads of fun and games and face paintings in this year’s neighborhood Harlem Week. Read more »

Night Kayaking in PR

In January I had a conference in Puerto Rico. We had few moments of break time and fun. Spent some of that time kayaking with colleagues. Bioluminescence night kayaking in Puerto Rico was so much fun! The fertile waters support plankton that produced a light show. Although I didn’t get much of a spectacle of lights I had Read more »

Hanging out with friends

Had a great time hanging out with Alessa and her lil bro Aiden at a neighborhood get together this week. There were sidewalk paintings, wreath making, delicious food and tons of fun! Read more »


I have known Alessa since she was a baby. Please check out the “My Village” section of the videos to hear from Alessa on why she thinks I will be a good mom. I hope you think so too. Read more »

Intandem cycling

I recently started volunteering with @intandembike it’s a great community of individuals who help those who are blind or have low vision enjoy the experience of cycling.  Part of training is learning to ride as a captain (front seat rider) and also as a stoker (backseat rider) so you get the full experience of what Read more »

Service is Love

One of my favorite quotes is “justice is what love looks like in public.” I was raised to always give back to my community and remember those who may need a helping hand. I am excited about sharing a similar love of service and community with my child. Read more »

Why Adoption?

I love kids. When I thought of adopting a child in the past, it was with the vision of inviting a child into a home with my other children so they could be instant siblings. Unfortunately, I cannot have children of my own. I can, however, still fulfill my desire to adopt and be a mom. Read more »

On Freedom

The Supreme Court of the US this past term issued some rulings that have challenged our nation and has made me, at least, think about what freedom(s) we are celebrating on this July 4th. This quote by David Foster Wallace really speaks to freedom as a verb— not just a noun. It is active and intentional. Freedom is Read more »

Friend’s Son Special Day

It was an honor to be a part of Aiden’s special day. His christening was filled with love, family and culture. I CANNOT WAIT for my child to have their christening. :) Read more »

Famous New Yorkers

As we close out Pride Month, I highlight fierce activist, Audre Lorde (1934-1992), a self-described “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet.” She was born in NYC, grew up in Harlem, and attended Hunter High School and @huntercollege, where she later was a member of the English Department faculty. In 2022, Lexington Ave Read more »

Reading at the Park

There are these little decorated kiosk throughout the neighborhood and parks where folks leave/take books and magazines at their leisure. It’s part of the little free library organization. I can’t wait to sit in the park and read with my child. I hope to share my love of reading with them. Read more »

Yankees Game with Family

Enjoyed the Yankees Game with my brother, Steve, Sis-in-law,  Valerie and my niece, Ayana. Yankees won! Be sure to check out video of me singing off key. LOL Read more »

Party Like It’s 1813!

I’m excited for my child to experience the wonder and randomness of NYC. On Thursday evening ran into this couple on their way to the “Queen’s Ball - A Bridgerton Experience”. Read more »

Local Murals

I love that murals or graffiti art can be found pretty much anywhere and everywhere….on school buildings, grocery stores, apartment buildings, etc… \  A great way to brighten up the neighborhood and also support our local artists/ neighbors. Read more »

Father’s Day In Memoriam

On this Father’s Day, I remember my dad, Charlemagne. A great man, with a great name. The photo is a bit grainy, but it is the last photo we took together so always will be cherished. I don’t have to wonder what my dad would think of my decision to adopt. He wholeheartedly supported me in this decision. We discussed it Read more »

Choppin’ it up in the Kitchen

One of the benefits of working from home is that I have the time and energy to make a home cooked meals more often. I can’t wait to experience the fun, messiness of cooking different foods with my little one and test tasting/eating them afterwards. Read more »

Hanging out with my BFF’s newborn, Aiden!

Visited my friend Cass and her newborn son, Aiden. He looked soooo happy right before his poop oozed on me. LOL. (If you have been following my profile, this is Lessa’s new baby bro. She’s excited to be a big sister and wants more siblings. She looks forward to being a big sis to my little one). Read more »

Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

It’s an old saying but still is true. There is so much to be discovered beneath the surface. This website is just a glimpse of pictures I happen to have and not every aspect of my life. Although I try to show what’s interesting. I hope that as a birth parent you will take the time and reach out to me, to learn Read more »

Mother’s Day

I didn’t get to spend Mother’s Day with my mom, today (I will see her next week), but wanted to post this pic of her and I together. We are excited about adding a grandbaby to our family. I cannot wait to celebrate mom’s day!! Read more »

Celebrating Haitian Heritage

May is Haitian American Heritage month. I was glad to participate in a local event honoring judges of Haitian ancestry this week. It was truly an inspirational and “felt like family experience” to hear of their life/immigrant stories and career trajectories. I am excited to introduce my child to my community and Read more »

Love Being Auntie to My Friends’ Children

I have known Lessa since she was a baby. She’s 5 years old now. I have other photos of me and her throughout my profile. I have been so blessed to have been a part of her life and watch her grow up. She’s sooo excited to be a big sis to my kid. Read more »

Why Adoption?

I love kids. When I thought of adopting a child in the past, it was with the vision of inviting a child into a home with my other children so they could be instant siblings. Unfortunately, I cannot have children of my own. I can, however, still fulfill my desire to adopt and be a mom. Read more »

Sibling Love

Earlier this month my brother Ritchy was visiting from Montreal and we went to spend weekend with my brother Steve in NJ. Always good to spend time with our family. Be sure to check out the brief video we sent to our other brother in Ottawa. Read more »

Can’t Wait To Shop!

Today I stopped by Marshall’s and could not help but look at the adorable summer shoes for kids! Girl or boy, I am excited about the prospect of being a mom and can’t wait to shop for my little one. Read more »

A sense of Community

One of the great things about living in my building is the sense of community—which can be rare and difficult in a big city like NY. When I moved into the building one night came home from work and the tenants’ association through a graduation party for the HS seniors in the building. This week we celebrated the Read more »

Subway Ride

Random picture of me on the subway. Rare moment when there were few individuals in my subway car. I am excited about sharing the different facets of NYC with my child. Read more »

Easter Sunday Dinner

Spent Easter Sunday with friend from church and neighbors breaking bread and enjoying each other’s company.  They have two great boys ages 8 and 9 who are looking forward to doing Easter egg hunts with my little one. Read more »

Recognized by Haitian American Organization

In 2016, I was recognized as part of the “Ones to Watch”  by the Haitian Roundtable, an organization of Haitian-American professionals who are committed to civic engagement as well as philanthropic endeavors benefiting Haiti, Haitian organizations and causes. I look forward to learning about and teaching my Read more »

Carimi Concert

Dancing to the hot beats of Kompa music at the Carimi concert held at Accor Arena in Paris. Bittersweet as we lost a beautiful soulful singer that same night, Mikaben. Read more »

Life is like a see-saw

Life is like a see-saw, full of ups and downs. I look forward to being there for my child and helping them get back to up when they are down. Read more »

High School Track

In high school, I was on the track and cross country teams. I wish I can say I was a star runner, I wasn’t. I did manage to hold my own and every once in a while place in my heat. I am excited learning about my little’s one interests and nurturing them whatever those interests are. Read more »


Kayaking with friends was such a fun activity, even when my canoe-mate and I navigated into trees (lol). Read more »


I once read that “justice is what love looks like in public”, which describes my passion for advocacy. I will share my love for community and passion for others with my child. Read more »

Catching up with good friends

It was great to catch up with my good friend Omar whom I have not seen since before the pandemic. He is a dad of two boys and is super excited to be an uncle to my little one. Read more »

Black History Month

For BHM, a couple of friends and I took a day trip upstate to do the Sojourner Truth walk to freedom. We learned a great deal about slavery in NY state, and was inspired by the strength, bravery and faith exhibited by Sojourner Truth. Read more »

Professional Activities

I was president of a local bar association (professional group of lawyers) for 2 years. In this photo I am giving opening remarks at an event honoring a judge. Read more »

Saturday with friends

Nala and I spent a Saturday this summer with my good friend Henry and his family. We hung out at his home in Westchester and then we all caught a movie— Black Adam. Read more »

Auntie Time!

I am blessed to be an auntie to a number of my friends’ children.  I have known Lessa since she was a baby, and enjoyed being a part of her life. Here, we are working on a puzzle together (and nosy Nala too!) Read more »

Why Adoption?

I love kids. When I thought of adopting a child in the past, it was with the vision of inviting a child into a home with my other children so they could be instant siblings. Unfortunately, I cannot have children of my own. I can, however, still fulfill my desire to adopt and be a mom. Read more »

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