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Our Story

Jack and I met in high school, he was athletic and I was artsy. I invited him to a dance, and he said yes! We’ve been together since our very first date. Jack graduated and went on to college where he continued to play football. I followed him attending the same college and enrolled in art classes there. We both finished college and went straight to work. I found a career in teaching elementary students art and Jack found his place with a career as a hydraulic mechanic.
Soon after college we decided we wanted to get married and spend the rest of our lives together. Jack had 2 dogs and I had one, so we started our family with three fur babies. We loved traveling, cooking, gardening, exercising, and sitting on the porch together. Jack continued to play on some ball teams, and I continued to create art for various projects.

We’re so very thankful we were able to become parents to our son and daughter who have become the light of our lives. As parents we still enjoy many of the things we loved when we first got married and the kids add to our enjoyment because we get to experience life through their eyes now.

Even through the hardship of experiencing loss we trust in Gods plan for our family. Our first child passed away due to a heart syndrome and we’ve also experienced the heart ache that comes along with a miscarriage. We turned to some of our church family for counseling to help us learn to support each other’s needs and carry our grief as we continued to grow closer and our love for each other became even stronger.

We’ve talked and dreamed of adopting a child who could join us in all the love we have for each other. We live life to the fullest because we are so very aware of how short life can be. We would be honored to offer a child a family to love them, to support them, to cherish them, to keep them safe, and always have their best interest at heart.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home A house is not a home until it is filled with love!

We're proud of the home we've created. We live in a small town between farms in a one-story ranch with a rec room in the basement. We have 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (all on the main floor), a large living room and open floor plan to our kitchen and dining area. Our outdoor living space is one of our favorites with side porches, a screened in porch, and paved area for lots of family play time. We have lots of land around our home where we spend a lot of time playing and hanging out. We go to school in our small town and we attend a church here as well. Our town has a hospital, doctors offices, shopping, restaurants, a sports complex, and parks that are all places we visit. We often take walks downtown, go to several restaurants, play on the park playgrounds, visit shops, bike ride on trails and support our community where we live. We live within driving distance of about 2 hours for some fun day trips to bigger cities with more entertainment options. We have visited zoos, museums, festivals, amusement parks and ball games for some of these day trips.


adoptive family photo - Kari As long as I can remember I wanted to be a mother. Caring for my children and the children I teach in my art class is my life’s passion. I enjoy being creative & making messes with my kids, while we all learn together. I’m often in the middle of organized chaos but always try to keep a calm and positive outlook. I like being optimistic and look for joy in most situations. Having the opportunity to be a mom is my greatest joy and responsibility. I like spending my free time with my family doing things we love like taking little trips, outings for ice cream, walks in our town or nearby trails, going to sporting or cultural events, gardening, and baking. I love having fun with my family just as much as I love taking care of them.

A few favorite things...
Flowers, Sweet Treats, Sunshine, Books, Sleeping Late and Traveling


adoptive family photo - Jack Being a father and watching my children grow, learn, play and become individuals has brought me greater joy than I could have ever imagined. I love taking care of my family and doing things for them like cooking their favorite foods, coaching their sports teams and being the fixer of all things around the house. I enjoy my work and appreciate how it allows me to provide for my family and spend time with them. I get to be a dad that’s involved, and I love that my kids want me to be a part of their daily activities. I’ve had many great experiences in my life, but I love nothing more than reexperiencing life moments through my kids’ eyes.

A few of my favorite things...
Icees, Steak and Potatoes, All things Sports, and Florida State

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Kari & Jack

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Kari & Jack