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Britt and Adam

We are a down-to-Earth family, and we have so much love to give!

We have so much love and respect for you as you consider making an adoption plan for your baby. Thank you for visiting our profile, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!

We have been married for 13 amazing years. Family is everything to us, and we always knew we wanted to be parents. When we learned that we couldn't have biological children, we knew that adoption was the right choice for us. We have family members who are adoptees, and we have a deep understanding of the sensitivity it takes to parent an adopted child. We adopted our son, Nate, as an infant in 2018. He’s an adorable four-year-old now, and we know he will be an incredible big brother because he is gentle, kind, and fun to be around! Our lives are filled with love, and we can’t wait to share it with another!

We live in a log-home near Bend, Oregon (but we are willing to travel for baby!). We are a down-to-Earth family, and we genuinely love spending time together. In our family, no one ever feels left out, imperfections are embraced, and everyone is given the opportunity to be their best self. We have a sign in our home that reads, “We are in this Together”. You could say it's our unofficial family motto. This simple phrase tells you a lot about how we behave in our family and the love and support we have for each other.

Our Views on Openness: We want you to know that we respect openness, and we want birthparent(s) to tell us how much or how little openness they are comfortable with (Nate's birthparents chose no-contact). We are open to visits, sharing photos and updates, and more - whatever feels right for everyone! We will always respect your privacy and boundaries, and we will never judge you!

As you travel your own journey, we wish you love and happiness. Even though we are strangers to you now, perhaps someday our two paths will bring us together.

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Who We Are

We met at an outdoor market and quickly became inseparable. We share the same core values: kindness, family, and a love of the outdoors. In 2009, we got married in a small garden wedding at sunset.

One month after our wedding, we found out Britt had uterine cancer. The cancer was completely removed surgically, and there is no concern for future health problems. We are really very lucky!! When we realized we couldn't have a family of our own, it was easy to turn our hearts to adoption. There are other adoptees in our family, and it is always something we've had in hearts.

In the first 9 years of our marriage, we built a solid foundation based on trust, respect, and love. We travelled the world together, from Cambodia to Ireland! We worked hard at our careers, even when it meant going back to school. We wanted to make sure that when we had kids we were confident in our ability to offer them financial and emotional stability.

Our son, Nate, joined our family through infant adoption in 2018, and our lives have been filled with love! He's four now, and he can't wait to be a big brother! He is sweet and soft-spoken, but also loves adventure. He has a gift for connecting with people and animals in a genuine, caring way. We know he will make an AMAZING big brother. He's patient, great at sharing, and is always fun to be around! For more about Nate, see his photo album!

Adoption Diary

Keirsey Temperament Test Results: Britt

I just took the Keirsey Temperament Test!  My results are that I am a Guardian-Provider (ESFJ).  What does that mean?  I looked into it…
Apparently, Guardians tend to be dutiful, cautious, and humble.  We pride ourselves on being dependable, helpful, and hardworking.  We make loyal partners, responsible parents, and stabilizing leaders.  We are practical and down-to-earth.  This makes me sound a little boring, to be honest - but I promise, I do like to have fun! 

Guardians with the sub-type Provider, like me, conduct themselves with integrity and have strong values.  Providers are great nurturers who “make it their aim in life to be a supplier of life necessities to those under their care.”  We are expressive individuals, friendly and talkative.  Most of all, we are care-givers with warmth and sincerity.  We are “continually checking up on others” and when serving others we do so out of genuine care and concern, not out of duty and responsibility. 

I had never taken a temperament test before - it was interesting!  Next, we’re going to have Adam take the test.  We’ll let you know what his results are in our next entry!

We are saving a seat for someone special!

Going on our daily family walks, we talk about how we can’t wait to share our love and fun times with another child.  We often see Nate playing by himself and think, won’t it be great when he has a little sibling to play with and share in his adventures?  We have so much love to give!  Besides, we feel like growing up as an only child seems really lonely.  We both grew up with siblings, and we really value those special relationships.  Every time we go for a walk with Nate in our two-seater wagon, we feel like we are saving a seat for someone special!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Britt and Adam

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Britt and Adam