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We are so ready to be at-home dads because we have successful, creative careers. Both of us have our dream jobs, and both of us work remotely from home.

Many of our friends and cousins have kids—so children are already a huge part of our lives. We're always planning weekends and vacations around kid-friendly activities, because we value spending time together.

We always have plans for concerts, museum exhibits, and travel so we have adventures to look forward to.

Our jobs are fully remote. We take advantage of our mobility by spending time with our families in Ohio and Georgia.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a vibrant, safe, beautiful neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. We live close to parks, playgrounds, and the Hudson River walkway.

We have a close group of chosen family members in New York City and love to have them over for dinners, game nights, live TV events, and award shows.

One of our favorite weekend activities is to get lost on unexplored streets with our 6-year-old pup, Nelson.

Our dog, Nelson is an adorable cavapoo, often mistaken for a teddy bear. (Please see for yourself.) He loves kids and has been around many since he was a puppy. Needless to say, they love him too.

Our family's 26-acre farm in central Georgia is a retreat that attracts visitors at all times of the year. Everyone is overjoyed to welcome a new family member to the crew!

Diversity is important to us in all areas of our life, so exposing kids to urban, suburban, and rural cultures is a significant priority. We feel so fortunate that our life in New York City, Ohio, and Georgia has so much to offer children and keeps us close to all of these different experiences.


adoptive family photo - Ryan Kendal thinks Ryan is going to be a great dad because…

He's always thinking ahead about how to take care of people.

Whether it’s planning an event or getting tickets to Broadway shows, Ryan is really good at bringing people together.

Ryan tells really funny stories that make kids laugh. I (Kendal) have caught him practicing funny voices for reading to our godson, Sammy. He makes silly faces, loves to dance, and always has music playing in the house.

Ryan loves helping other people make beautiful things. He has so many ideas for arts and crafts with kids. His special talent is helping you shop for stylish clothes that make you feel good about yourself. He was named “best dressed'' in his high school, after all. He will make sure that a child always feels proud of how they look in their clothes.

Best of all, Ryan is an incredible listener. He gives good advice, and always leads with his heart. He also doesn’t tolerate shenanigans. Even now, kids can’t get anything past him.

We hope our kids call him Daddy.


adoptive family photo - Kendal Ryan thinks Kendal is going to be a great dad because…

His spirit is so childlike. The kids in our lives have the best playmate when he's around. He is nurturing, and empathetic, and you couldn't ask for a better listener.

Kendal is gentle and kind. He takes time to show people (and dogs) they matter to him. I (Ryan) recently overheard Kendal's cousin Maddux tell his big brother, Kendal's cousin Zach, "I'm going to draw something and show Kendal so he can tell me how good it is." That sums it up.

Kendal is a natural-born teacher. He will provide patient support with homework and always be a steadfast cheerleader through whatever life throws your child’s way.

Kendal loves to read, camp, ride his bike, sing, and draw. It will be so exciting to watch him share these activities with your child.

Kendal always inspires people to be a better version of themselves. He will encourage your child to be authentic, kind, and true to themselves.

We hope our kids call him Papa.

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