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Our Story

We first met in 2014 when Phil tried to impress Brandy by getting her some ice cream - little did Phil know that the double chocolate pint he chose was actually Brandy's LEAST favorite flavor. Brandy appreciated the gesture, but no phone numbers were exchanged. About 6 months later, Brandy and Phil ran into each other again, and this time, there was an invitation for a date - which quickly turned into a second, and then a third.

We became engaged in 2017, and had an amazing time at our wedding in 2018. We bought our first home in 2017, and then found our forever home in 2021. Our biological son, Ryan, was born in April of 2020, and he has given our lives a whole new meaning.

As a couple, we enjoy doing work on our house - designing and building furniture and decorations. We also spend a lot of time doing things outdoors, whether its hiking, going to the beach, kayaking, bike riding, or playing with our dog. Now that we are parents, a lot of our time is spent on kid-friendly activities, but we continue to stay as active as possible. Ryan loves being outside, too, and doesn't let bad weather stop him!

Kindness, respect, and a good work ethic are some values that are very important to us. We treasure our families, and feel so lucky to have the support we do from them. It is our goal to raise our children to be good people with their own set of values and morals.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a quiet, very diverse, and woodsy neighborhood with lots of wild animals running around. Our house has a playroom full of toys and a bedroom waiting for your baby! We have a fenced in pool and swing set in our backyard, a trailed woods down the block, and a community lake about a mile away. One of our favorite playgrounds is a quick 5 minute drive, and we love visiting the animals at the local ecology center. The elementary school is right in our neighborhood, and we plan to be walking the kids to and from school when the time comes! Our town’s Main Street is home to the library, a theater, and many amazing restaurants; we’re also only 15 minutes away from a beach, and we spend lots of time here over the summer!


adoptive family photo - Brandy Brandy grew up with her mom, stepdad, and stepsister. She is a true animal lover and can't resist petting any dog she sees! Fitness is important to Brandy; she recently ran her first half marathon! Equally as important is a good ice cream cone, especially if it is soft vanilla!

Brandy owns her own business as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and works part-time so that she can also devote time to being home with Ryan and a future baby.

Brandy is very involved with Ryan, and genuinely enjoys their time together. They are often out attending library programs, going on play dates, exploring new playgrounds, or just hanging in the backyard. Many people have complimented Brandy's patience with him, and have recognized her gentle, positive, and communicative parenting style.


adoptive family photo - Phil Phil grew up with his mom, dad, younger brother, and younger sister. His dad passed away in 2015, and his mom and sister each moved out of state a few years after. Phil enjoys working out, cooking, wood working, relaxing by the fire pit, and fixing anything Brandy finds wrong in the house :)
Phil works as a deputy sheriff and has a rotating schedule, which allows for family activities during the week when most people are at work.

Phil truly enjoys being a dad, and takes great pride in watching Ryan learn and grow. One of Phil's favorite things to do with Ryan is have him help in the garage workshop or go outside and teach him how to chop wood.

As a parent, Phil always makes the time to show love and affection, but also emphasizes respect and consideration for others. Because of this, Ryan has already learned that giving flowers as an apology works wonders!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Brandy & Phil

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