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Both of our families growing up took vacations every year. It’s one of those things that you only realize when you get older that not everyone does it. You realize it and think, “I love this tradition and want to keep it.” We have done a beach vacation every year but one since we got married. We make sure that though we work hard, we play hard too! Read more »

Our Faith

We believe we all put our faith in something. Our family doesn’t believe in relative truth that just changes with our feelings. We believe in God and His son Jesus. We believe in the Bible and that God created each person on earth and made them with unique attributes and a purpose to fulfill. We make sure to share this Read more »

Experience With Children, Check!

Both of us have volunteered with children through our churches and or in different non-profit organizations in our city. Emily spent two years overseeing a successful Pre-K - middle school program when living as an intern with a missions organization in the Caribbean. She also worked with her team members in a highschool Read more »

Giving is Golden

Giving is a big focus of our family. You could say it started in each of our individual families. Emily being raised in a family that took missions trips to third world countries regularly learned the value of giving time and resources. Nathan was raised by a father who took jobs as a doctor in rural communities though he Read more »

Valuing Experiences Over Things

A perspective our family holds strongly to is that we would rather accumulate experiences than things. The way this plays out in our day to day life might look like not upgrading to the newest car just yet so that when we want to hop in the car and go to another town for the weekend, we can. This year as the boys have gotten Read more »

Our “Big Fat Greek” family

So we aren’t actually Greek but when our family gets together for the holidays it definitely resembles the family in the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Well, minus a LITTLE of the crazy.  Between both of our families we have 21 aunt’s and uncles plus their spouses, kids, grandkids and even Read more »

Gathering At The Table

As long as I (Emily) can remember, my family gathered around the table most nights of the week. I remember spending whole afternoons even around my grandmother’s table. Stories of the past were told, most often of our family.  It’s one of my best childhood memories that played out over and over again. One of Read more »

I Got You Babe!

The right partner in adoption is just about everything! On days when I am weary of the mix of deep desire and hope met with no answer of when this hope may be fulfilled, my husband comes home and is his light-hearted steady self. I am reminded we are up and down on different days for a reason. When one of us is fed up with Read more »

To the Birth Mom

Whoever our future birth mom we will be matched with is, in our hearts she is already a hero. Choosing to do what’s best for your child in a situation where you feel it is best for them to be a part of another family is so admirable. What strength and fortitude. We are preparing as a family to honor this birth mother by Read more »

The Endgame

We long for the day we will find out we have been chosen to parent through adoption. Though the waiting can be difficult at times, we know that when the time is right everything will fall into place. Every day builds more expectation for the baby we will love. Read more »

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Nathan and Emily

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