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Nathan and Emily

Love-Filled Adventurous Family Ready to Grow

Dear Birth Parent,
Thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your child. We are a loving and stable family who is committed to providing a nurturing and supportive environment for a child.
Our family values kindness, honesty, and respect, and we believe in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our home. We also love adventure and trying new things. We have a strong support network of friends and extended family who are excited to welcome a child into our lives and be a part of their upbringing.
We have experience caring for children through parenting and volunteer roles, and we understand the importance of meeting a child's physical, emotional, and developmental needs. We are excited to provide a child with the love, stability, and opportunities that they deserve.
We hope that you will consider us as you make this important decision, and we look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and your child.
Nathan and Emily

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Who We Are

We met through mutual friends at a dinner they were hosting at their house. We had both lived over seas as single people and gained rich life experiences. This set us up for desiring pretty specific qualities in our future spouses such as; flexibility, a sense of adventure and awareness of social issues. We began dating right away and spent many of our dates with our families in real day to day scenarios. We got to know the "real" side of each other quickly. We found that our core values were the same and our goals for our future families were also very much alike. We both wanted to put God first and stay close to our families. We have now been married eight years. It has been eight years full of adventure and realizing that we made a great decision!
All of our immediate family lives in the area except one of Nathan's siblings. Our children are growing up close with their aunt's, uncles cousins and grandparents. This is super important to us. We know that though we desire to raise our kids perfectly, we are imperfect people with some great strengths and some weaknesses too. It is invaluable to have our families involved in our kid's lives.
We value our church family so much as well. We believe in having a strong network of community for our own well being and to provide a stable and nurturing environment for our children to grow up in.
We LOVE being parents!! It's one reason we know for sure that we want more children. we have also both spent time volunteering with kids ministries in our churches and also with some non-profit groups in our city. It's kind of our thing.
We desire to give our children a variety of experiences to help them become the best version of themselves that they possibly can. We take weekly trips to the zoo, library or museum so we can provide our children with an educated view of the world that is also fun. We put a high priority on spending time outside regularly and have taken up camping to be out in nature even more. We strongly believe in teaching our kids to be life long learners. Trying new things is something we continuously encourage our kids to do as well as ourselves.

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Our Faith

We believe we all put our faith in something. Our family doesn’t believe in relative truth that just changes with our feelings. We believe in God and His son Jesus. We believe in the Bible and that God created each person on earth and made them with unique attributes and a purpose to fulfill. We make sure to share this with our kids daily and teach them that Jesus loves them even when they make mistakes. We go to church regularly and will keep this a top priority.

Experience With Children, Check!

Both of us have volunteered with children through our churches and or in different non-profit organizations in our city. Emily spent two years overseeing a successful Pre-K - middle school program when living as an intern with a missions organization in the Caribbean. She also worked with her team members in a highschool program as well throughout the week. Emily taught dance classes for a total of six years to girls between the ages of 3-18. Nathan taught English as a second language in China and volunteered with mentoring middle school boys at his church. He is the oldest of his four siblings. He also spends a lot of time with his 6 nieces and nephews.
We find so much joy in spending time with kiddos of all ages. They are so full of life and always bring a different perspective. We have gained a lot of experience through the years with how to communicate well with children and make sure they feel accepted and loved.  Our kids are of course our very biggest priority when it comes to kids and always will be. We have experience and so much love to to share with our next chil ld and are so excited for that journey to begin!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Nathan and Emily

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Nathan and Emily